soul team coaching logo croppedFor many years I have been searching, learning, and teaching ways to assist myself and others to move through blocks and difficulties and harmoniously support spiritual growth. It is clear that we on planet Earth are involved in a massive shift. Increasingly, the energies are asking us to pay attention.

Individually, we are being called to change so rapidly that it can feel like constant reorientation. In this age of Aquarius in Aries, we are being asked to radically define our definition of our self, as well as our entire world paradigm.bridge-of-forgiveness

One of the most amazingly supportive tools is joining together with other spiritual seekers. This allows us to reflect back to one another our ever evolving truth. Nothing feels better than to be able to share with others who are on a similar journey. Together, we can do this. Together, we can be inspired to make the empowering positive changes our individual lives and the planet are calling out with clouds

Who: SOUL TEAM Coaching is for those who are looking for support on their spiritual empowerment path. It’s for those who feel increasingly like ‘the time is now’…for those who feel the call of the shifting energies…who feel called to activate into true fulfillment. It’s for those of us who want to be on the leading edge…ahead of the spin…riding the wave of change (instead of pummeled by it)…STC is for those of us who feel called to lead the way, in order to be better able to support others on the journey.soul team

Why: By paying attention to the stars and current energies, SOUL TEAM Coaching will support you in tapping into the potency of the time in which we are now living. Connecting with others on a shared journey of enlightenment feeds our need for empowered connection. Connecting with others on a similar quest can reflect back on ourselves and help us find our way we want to work in the world. STC is an environment of trust, we are all striving to be our most authentic selves. WE hold each other in our most potent and powerful potential…it’s exponential!power of together

What: SOUL TEAM Coaching will meet for group coaching video conferences two times a month. We will meet near the first and last quarter moons as a way to focus our energy and ground our selves into the rhythm of the planet. STC is a great compliment to the current ‘by donation’, New and Full Moon Activation Calls offered by Adrienne Elise.

The topic of each call will be determined intuitively by energies and questions current in the group. Video archives will be available for continued viewing or if you can’t make the live call. Your intention to be a part of the group allows your intentions to be ‘heard’ and the information channeled can be just for you. STC is always live, even on the replay!

When: STC Video Conference will happen 7pm MST rotating weeknights, according to the moon. A full schedule of the 2015 calls can be found on the SOUL TEAM Coaching page:

How: Each call will consist of a guided meditation for grounding and visioning, a discussion of current astrological events,  intuitively channeled info specific to the NOW, as well as an opportunity for Questions and Sharing. Questions broaden the intuitive information received for the group and Sharing supports the growth of others through

The Goals of SOUL TEAM Coaching:

~To be a source for and force of inspiration and vision of a beautiful world

~To provide a sacred space for self exploration

~To offer an opportunity for deep peaceful meditation and an energetic re-set

~To attain and share a state of coherence with Mother Earth Gaia, including all beings

~To encourage and support alignment with the higher self I AM presence

~To offer an opportunity to come into vibrational alignment with all that you are and tap into your most authentic self

~To support jumping on the most appropriate timeline, accessing your full potential and the life of your dreams

$10 Single Call

$20/month Ongoing Subscription

Sign up:

Be a part of the STC Team!! I can’t wait to see what happens as we empower each other to be empowered!

By coming together we raise our potency exponentially!

Adrienne Elise is a trained Clairvoyant and Intutive Healer and Teacher. She is a Classical Homeopath and Waldorf-Trained Teacher. She is a student of many esoteric teachers and texts. She strives to keep abreast of the latest science and awakenings combined with insight from ancient understandings. Adrienne has completed Kenji Kumara’s Quantum Lightweaving Master Series. She is a transmitter of higher vibrational frequencies, along with spontaneous channeled intuitive information, allowing her to guide deeply transformative meditative journeys.