virgo demeterJoin me for a Live Activation for this Virgo Full Moon! Wednesday, February 28th, 6pm MST. $10. Click here to sign up!

REPLAY immediately available. Your intention to join allows your messages to come through, even if you can’t make the live event. The Activation will begin with talking through the current astrology, followed by a guided meditation to help you get in tune with the energies and make the most of this powerful Full Moon.

This Full Moon in Virgo is opposite a ton of energy in Pisces. The Sun is hanging out with Neptune, and Mercury and Venus are together with Chiron. This Full Moon happens at 11 degrees 22 minutes. Double master numbers, speaking stepping through portals and building a new world. Mercury, Venus and Chiron come together at 27 degrees (2 + 7=9), numerology a ‘9’ signaling the end of an era.

With Chiron involved, its the end of victimhood. These planets hanging out in the last degrees of Pisces, speak to the fact that it is time to come out of the delusions of the Piscean age, humans becoming victims to greater control energies on the planet.

The Sun and Neptune together are speaking to whether we want to identify with the past and our delusions, or the future and our dreams. This conjunction at this Full Moon brings the question, who are we, humanity, according to the upcoming Aquarian Age, as opposed to the paradigms of the past Piscean Age.

Mercury, Venus, and Chiron are squaring up with Mars in Sagittarius, speaking of seeking the truth behind the delusions of the past. These planets are also in trine with Jupiter in Scorpio, saying we can look to the shadow and clear out our painful distortions harmoniously. We are really feeling Jupiter in Scorpio as it begins to prepare for it’s retrograde.

This watery, dreamy, but also confusing, and perhaps emotional, time of all this Pisces energy will shift when Mercury and Venus move into Aries together on March 7th.

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