This Full Moon happens across from the Sun and Neptune together in Pisces. We are coming to the end of Mercury retrograde that started in Pisces. This Full Moon represents a big shift, as we turn towards the future. We are being asked to completely re-orient ourselves toward ‘who knows what’ lies ahead.

We don’t get to know, but we are asked to ‘go’ as Mercury turns direct the day after this Full Moon and we move into a powerfully activating March 2020 when Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto come together around the Equinox. Jupiter will be at 21 degrees of Capricorn, inching closer to it’s epic conjunction to Pluto. And we will be feeling it! These are three power packed planets, indicating we are, indeed, in a powerful time.

Venus is in it’s home sign of Taurus for this Full Moon, right next to Uranus. Our feminine is getting activated into the New Age, and at the same time, coming home to Earth more completely. Together these planets are in a sweet sextile to the North Node of the Moon, finishing up it’s time in Cancer. It is time to receive the New Age.

The Goddess has been purified by the fires of Aries and it’s conjunction with Black Moon Lilith and Chiron. Venus also got an upgrade, and passed the tests of initiation with it’s recent square to Pluto, and then Saturn. It is time for the feminine to emerge from the rubble of the Piscean Age, and return to the temple, renewed and ready for what lies ahead. This Virgo Full Moon is a Re-birth into the New.

Mercury will be at the end degrees of Aquarius, pausing there as it shifts directions. Mercury will will complete when Mercury comes out of retrograde shadow at the end of the Month. Mars will just be coming into a sextile with Neptune in Pisces for this Full Moon, encouraging us that there is a way forward. We are jimmy-ing the lock to the future. But there is much adjusting to be done. We will feel this transit up to the Equinox when Mars brings a massive divine masculine activation. With Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all together in Capricorn, it’s time to take back our power!