The Divine Feminine must be awakening, or returning or harmonizing or something because there is some powerful Goddess energy going on this month of May 2015.  With Venus in Cancer, the sign of the ‘Mother’ and four asteroids aspecting major planets, we seem to be getting an opportunity to give space for the divine feminine and heal the balance of male and female within. Three prominently figuring asteroids of ‘passion’ are asking us to awaken the Goddess within (all of us).

the-peacock-complaining-to-juno-1881 Vesta is an asteroid named for the priestess of the vestal fires. Her passion is one of service and divine gifts. It’s the fire in your heart that represents your deepest passions, but also desire to put them to the greatest use in helping humanity. Vesta is conjuncting Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces. Vesta is asking us to awaken the healing powers that can come from our deepest spiritual wounds.  The bigger the wound, the more potent the healing power.chironwounded-1 Vesta says it is time for us to awaken our our creative passion and therein lies our divine healing gifts. It is time to tap into what fire burns inside you. Vesta hanging out with Chiron is about coming out from under the pain of the past and awakening our creative desires, figuring out what we really want in life.

Vesta also represents sacred service. Healers are being called to their path. We are called to reconcile the trauma of the past by being able to see the bigger picture of how strong it has made us. We must pick up the pieces of our fractured selves and by activating the sacred creative fire within, making some sparkly diamonds out of that heavy coal.diamond Two other asteroids associated with passion figure prominently this month. Eros is known as the ‘cupid’, shooting arrows of desire. It can be associated with love that yearns for beauty and sexual union. Based on it’s position in the natal chart, Eros is said to represent what ‘turns you on’ and is associated with intense sexual heat and vitality.  The shadow side is sexual objectification.

Eros is in Gemini, along with Mercury, Mars, and soon the Sun….as well as Sappho, another asteroid associated with passion. Sappho is said to rule same sex relationships, friendships, and bisexuality. Like Eros, it is also an asteroid of strong sexual energy. Sappho challenges sexual boundaries. Sappho is also associated with artistic sensitivity and romanticism, as well as tremendous love, creativity, and vitality.eros-marc-camelbeke The placement of Mars in the natal chart is the first place to look if you want to know how sexuality plays out for a person. Now apparently, if either Eros or Sappho, these ‘passion’ asteroids,  happens to be conjunct Mars in a person’s chart, that said person is said to most likely be = ‘Spicy Hot’ or have great sex appeal. So what is going on here? A planetary orgy in Gemini? And with loquacious Gemini, does that mean that we will be mostly talking about sex? Or actually having it?sappho This all starts shortly after Mercury turns Retrograde on May 18, less than one day after the New Moon in Taurus which happens late evening Sunday, May 17th. All of these planets, as they each moved into Gemini, have passed directly opposite Saturn in the early degrees of Sagittarius. Old man Saturn asks us ‘what is the value of this party in Gemini?’ Saturn is on its way back into Scorpio as of June 1. Scorpio represents the shadow and the subconscious inner workings that often remain hidden while managing to rule our life. Who doesn’t have shadow work around sexuality when sexual abuse and persecution of the female as much as defined our last age? The planets are demanding that we get over that shit, and Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, the sign of the twins, is giving us a chance to think over and re-analyze the relationship of male and female within, as well as our relationship to our sexuality.Gemini2 This isn’t just a Spring fling. Juno is figuring prominently, hanging out close to Jupiter in Leo for most of the month. Juno is an asteroid associated with committed relationships, be that marriage, friend, or business. It represents covenant relationships with deep soul bonds. So…Juno can also represent betrayal, another strong shadow aspect of our last age.Juno Lucky Jupiter wants to shine in Sunny Leo, so this conjunction is about bringing to light the truth in our committed relationships as well as an urging to find and commit to new, deep soul partnerships. Jupiter in Leo wants to express spiritual truth and seeking. So the time is ripe to magically come across your soul team, your brothers and sisters who you just met but you know you have already known a long time. funYou will know who they are because they have different pieces of the same puzzle, perhaps in some grand, planet-saving, humanity-healing project. These are people who honor your gifts, opinions and dreams. How could they not when they are so in alignment with their own? Jupiter trine Uranus makes through the end of June ripe for these synchronistic soul team meetings to magically line up.

Without a retrograde this year, Mars, our main action planet, wants to take off, full-bore ahead. But with Mars hanging out there with Mercury retrograde, this could bring feelings of frustration, like a false start, like once again it is not yet quite time to take action on our ideas. This retrograde is a powerful opportunity to gather what understanding we need to really move forward in a new way. But right now we must hang back, re-analyze and re-think everything. The rapid acceleration of the times has us really confused. We are changing so fast that we don’t know who we are.

Mercury Rx says we need a little more time in the ‘cooker’ before we are done. An Air sign’s favorite thing, Food for Thought: Mercury retrograde in its home sign of Gemini with all this going on is making us re-think our actions (Mars), re-think our passions (Eros), re-think our sexuality (Sappho), re-think our identity (Sun), re-think and look for new soul commitments (Juno+Jupiter), re-think our creative gifts (Vesta) and analyze and understand what healing needs to be done to reveal those gifts (Chiron). Venus is the other Goddess, who in watery, nurturing Cancer is bringing a compassionate, healing energy. She is powerfully opposing Pluto in Capricorn, squaring up with Uranus a few days later. This offers the last big trigger before these planets separate completely out of the Square as of May 25th. In Cancer, Venus wants us to bring self-love and nurturing compassion to these internal shifts and changes.venus and mars Ceres is a dwarf planet that is also associated with Mother Earth. Ceres represents food, agriculture, nurturing, and a love of what is simple, natural and good. She is in Aquarius, telling us about the ideals of our New Age. Ceres is making a powerful trine with the North Node in Libra which represents where we are headed, or our ‘future karma’. In Libra, that makes our forward movement all about relationships.ceres Ceres reminds us that a healthy, simple, down-to-earth relationship to Mother Earth is paramount to moving into the future. Indeed it may be Ceres that moves us into the future, coming forward as a major player in disclosure of extraterrestrial life with the recent ‘discovery’ of mysterious bright lights on this motherly dwarf planet. It’s our government’s way of slowly trying get us use to the idea of how much life is actually out there, and here among us as well. Perhaps this is the real meaning of the North Node in Libra. The relationships of the future may very well be inter-stellar.lights on ceres Okay, if this is about relationships, we have sexual relationships (Eros), our relationship to sex (Sappho), our relationship to relationships (Juno), our relationship to our deepest creative passion (Vesta), our relationship to healing our deepest wounds(Chiron) and our relationship to Mother Earth. (Ceres, Venus in Cancer). And then apparently add in our new and growing conscious relationship with higher dimensional and extraterrestrial beings. Uranus in Aries represents the other side of the N. Node in Libra. Aries is about the self and what the self needs. With Pluto more internal from it’s retrograde cycle, Uranus is running with the outward expression of the powerful energy coming off these planets as they separate after over four years in square. Since Uranus is the planet of revolution and rapid change, in Aries, the sign of the self and identity, we are being forced to reinvent our self. It’s a massive individual and collective spiritual identity crisis, that obviously has a lot to do with clearing our shadow, healing our wounds, healing our relationships, and healing our sex. Uranus won’t let us forget that most of all, we are being called to heal the primary relationship, the relationship with our self.sun soul Many are awakening to a strong desire to be who they really are, no matter the consequences. Uranus in Aries says ‘me first’. And indeed, when we learn to spiritually feed ourselves instead of looking for relationships with others to fill some big dark hole within…when we learn to heal ourselves and our sexual shame, and activate our gifts and creative passions, it seems we might make much better committed soul partners. Juno wants us to step up and commit in a whole new way, to ourselves and our spiritual process first, only then approaching relationship from that place of wholeness. It is time to heal and empower ourselves, find our people, and begin to build strong soul team relationship bonds as foundations for the amazing adventure of the New Age ahead. Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher as well as Classical Homeoapath offering tools for spiritual growth. Contact her for individual sessions: Join me for a FREE New Moon Activation Call, Sunday, May 17th 8pm MST