It’s a new start for the Earth with this Taurus Full Moon happening on Earth Day. The Sun and the Moon will square up with Saturn in Aquarius, just before this New Moon. And will come into conjunction with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, just after. These transits make this New Moon about moving into the New Age.

Saturn wants to build and is examining how to create stability in a completely new energy and relationship to time. Uranus is telling us that this process is about infusing the physical manifested world, and our bodies, with new, higher frequency vibrations. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, bringing a new and different stability in these uncertain times. Uranus is asking us to make a radical shift in our self-worth, in order to receive these higher vibrations.

Saturn continues to be in an inconjunct relationship with the North Node of the Moon, now at 0 degrees Cancer. This is telling us that all we want, in our new paradigm, is waiting for us, as soon as we can allow ourselves to receive. We are being asked to come back into a relationship with the Great Mother, represented in form by our Great Mother Earth Gaia. The New Age is about feeling loved and held in this world. Today is a great day to welcome yourself back to her loving embrace, re-birthed and renewed for the new and exciting path that lies ahead.