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supernova soo͞″pər-nō′və

n. a rare celestial phenomenon…

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Are You A SuperNova Soul?

Adrienne’s work speaks to a very specific set of Soul Groups.

If you are HERE, that’s YOU!

SuperNova Soul Groups have been together since the beginning of time. They have come to Earth to work on large scale projects, over vast spans of time.

Many factors interfere with SuperNova Souls finding each other. Energies may try to keep these souls apart, but their destiny is to come together and get to work on what they have come here to do.

Because these souls came to work together, and yet haven’t been able to find their group, SuperNova Souls often feel an intense sense of isolation.

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Find Your Tribe

SuperNova Souls are super bright, sensitive souls, that can find themselves ‘hiding out’, in order to avoid being seen. But this ‘hiding’ can also keep them hidden from each other.

These bright souls have often been programmed through past life experiences, to fear their own power. Two or more of these souls together could be seen as even more potent. This programming can keep these souls apart. There is much power in these SuperNova Souls coming together.

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…supernovas are difficult to see in our own Milky Way galaxy because dust blocks our view…

Amazing Projects

…these elements serve as the material from which new stellar and planetary systems are formed…

These SuperNova Souls often have often made contracts in past lives where they have agreed to not come into their power. These souls may also have agreed not to find each other. But the time has come for these souls to come together and get to work on what they came here to do.

Although SuperNova Souls often feel like they are here on Earth for a very specific purpose, often they have no idea what that is. The greater goals of these Soul Groups are full of breadth, occurring long term over lifetimes. The pieces of the puzzle can be many. How can you see the bigger picture with only just one piece?

Adrienne is passionate about helping these souls connect back together with their SuperNova Soul Group, and like pieces of a puzzle, begin again to co-create on these amazing projects once again.

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Deep Soul Purpose

…maximum intrinsic luminosity…

SuperNova Souls have a sense, a feeling, and a knowing, that they came to this Earth for a very specific reason. They feel they are here to help humanity in some way.

Often, other people in the life of the SuperNova Soul are not able to understand or validate this deep soul purpose, leaving them feeling very alone.

As long as you remain isolated and disconnected from your Soul Group, it can seem near impossible to get a sense of who you really are, and what you came here to do.

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Intuitive Empaths

…a star that explodes and becomes extremely luminous in the process…

SuperNovas are advanced souls, with vast experiences. This makes these souls very refined, and very empathic. These souls find themselves feeling over-sensitive to this dense and intense world.

Because SuperNova Souls come in with whole evolutions of experience, they have intuitive abilities that they have developed over many lifetimes. These souls may be overwhelmed with all they sense and feel, and yet not even realize that they possess these intuitive gifts.

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Advanced Souls

…a transient astronomical event that occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star…

In past lives and ancient times, SuperNova Souls have worked with higher technology, beyond what is available on the planet today. This understanding can make them feel impatient and frustrated with the rate of spiritual evolution on Earth, and yet powerless in how to help it move forward.

SuperNova Souls came into this incarnation with a lot on their plate and much they would like to accomplish. They have a great desire to complete the karmic patterns that have kept them coming back to repeat difficult experiences. These souls often feel that perhaps this could be their last Earth incarnation based on karmic requirements.

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Darkest Dark, Brightest Light

…a star which explodes, increasing its brightness to typically a billion times that of our sun…

SuperNova Souls have experienced many lifetimes, and whole evolutions, before ever coming to Earth. They arrived with a purified astral body, but also a naivety to the level of distortion and duality on this planet. This has often led these souls to be taken advantage of, their own power used against them.

SuperNova Souls often incarnated into the darkest times of Earth Evolution, in order to bring the light. These souls may have experienced traumatic events in their past lives that can lead to debilitating subconscious blocks. Without a clear present life origin, these blocks can be difficult to understand and remove.

SuperNova Souls are often very talented with a diverse set of soul skills. But because of these painful past life experiences, they have often become programmed with low self-worth. Their intense sense of purpose, and yet disconnection from who they really are, and their soul group, can lead these souls to experience periods of a ‘dark night of the soul’.

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Reluctant Leaders

…one that explodes into prominence or popularity: superstar…

SuperNova Souls have natural leadership abilities. Often they are reluctant to step into their greater role because of what might have happened to them in past lives. These souls will often fear and avoid the responsibility of leadership. But the time has come for these souls to step on their stage and begin to express their greater potential.

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Desire To Land Home

…eventually, the core is so heavy that it cannot withstand its own gravitational force…

SuperNova Souls have an intense commitment and love for the Earth. But often they do not feel at home here, like they don’t fit into this world. The big-ness of them can’t quite fit comfortably into this lower dimensional reality. The energies of the Earth at their time of birth may not have been able to support their full incarnation. Because of traumatic past life experiences, these souls are often not fully landed in their physical bodies. SuperNova Souls are lonely for their bigger self, and for each other.

Throughout time, SuperNova Souls have come together to work on innovative and exciting projects. Although these souls often fret about what has not yet been accomplished in their life, they are actually just getting started! The ‘seeds’ of these Super Nova Soul Group projects have been planted by them in past lives, at crucial times throughout history. These ‘seeds’ are ready to sprout!

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Leading Spiritual Ascension

…triggered into runaway nuclear fusion…

SuperNova Souls hold a bigger vision of what is to come for this Earth Evolution. These souls are here to guide humanity into a new paradigm. They are at the cutting edge of spiritual ascension, leading the way into the future.

SuperNova Souls inevitably come to a point of rapid expansion and acute awakening. This rapid spiritual awakening can be quite disconcerting, leaving the SuperNova Soul feeling shocked and confused. As the bigger part of them starts to land, life stops making sense and the structures of their reality begin to dismantle. These souls often feel isolated and unsupported because the people around them don’t seem to understand this awakening.

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Get Back To Your Star Cluster!

…a nova, isn’t actually a “new” star, but rather one that wasn’t noticed until it exploded…

This point of rapid awakening is a potent and very special time for the SuperNova Soul. The structures of our life that don’t fit ‘the star that we are’ must fall away. This is where Adrienne comes in. She has been through it and has had the privilege of helping many others through to the other side. She is here for YOU.

The time has come to find each other. The time is nigh, and the Earth is calling. We are here to be co-creators of a new paradigm.

SuperNova brothers and sisters, let’s come back together and ‘sprout the seeds’ of these amazing projects, and get to work on what we came here to do! An exciting journey lies ahead.

Welcome home.

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