This Solar Eclipse is potent in marking the beginning of Chinese New Year 2018, Year of the Yellow Dog. We are moving into very new energy that is just beginning. For this New Moon, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Goddess Juno all come together in the sign of Aquarius. The year of the dog is about loyalty and integrity, asteroid Juno about committed personal or business relationships.

Sign up here to Join me for a very special event! Group Session/Activation/Q&A for this potent New Moon and transition into Chinese New Year! Tuesday, Feb. 13th, 6pm MST.

**REPLAY is immediately available for participants for continued viewing or if you can’t make the live session. Activation will not be posted publicly. Seats are limited to help us build a sacred container**

This Group Intuitive Session and Q&A will begin with a short channeled lecture about current energies on the planet and how they may be effecting individuals and the group. Adrienne will tune into the energy of the group, exploring shared past-life pictures and karmic connections, bringing forward useful messages. This invites the group into clarity and harmony, for a soul uplifting experience. This will be followed by a Question and Answer session where you can bring forward your individual or world issues and concerns into the light of channeled guidance. This is a great way for the group bond and to receive helpful information and clearings. The event will end with a short guided meditation based on the concepts and information that came forward during the event. Tuning in to the shared energies of the group, allows for healing and spirit connection to be offered to the wider community and collective consciousness. 10845864_940978792580686_5494054320119556067_o

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Mars in Sagittarius wants to take action on seeking behind the veil and understanding what is going on from a philosophical point of view. Mars is squaring up with Neptune in Pisces, speaking to illusions and delusions. There is a deep desire welling up in humanity to seek out the greater, wider truth. In the Year of the Dog, moving into the future means facing where we have been led astray. The Sun is just moving out of a square with Jupiter, the seeker, in the sign of Scorpio, representing the shadow.  It’s time to dream a new dream and move into the Aquarian age, but first we must face the lies we have been told. The Year of the Dog says this new world must be built on  a foundation of integrity.

This eclipse energy is about gaining new information. It is essential we fundamentally trust the loyalty of those around us in order to move forward into this New Age. This involves our business partners, close friends and intimate partners, as well as those we have entrusted in this world to lead us. Aquarius rules spiritual, bigger picture information and technology, while Mercury rules our day to day understanding. Eclipses shed light on the truth. Expect revelations, personal and global.

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