September starts out with a Venus Mars Conjunction on the 1st. The 3rd and final Venus Mars Conjunction of 2015 happens on November 1st. The three Venus Mars Conjunctions of 2015 reverberate with strong messages and questions about the relationship between male and female archetypes, especially on the heels of Venus Retrograde.venus and mars

Venus turned direct on September 6th. This is a big shift. This Venus Retrograde has been a journey into tender territory. We are being asked to learn to express what we really want and need. Past relationships are up for review and all of our shit has been getting triggered. Forward motion of Venus could feel for some like a welcome relief and coming out of a mud puddle, but sometimes it’s hard to get out of the mud puddle without some mud-slinging, so the rest of this month could feel sticky as we make sense of this powerful time of Venus retrograde in Leo. Venus returns to Virgo mid-October, completing the ‘shadow’ of the retrograde cycle.

This month there are two Mercury Square Pluto aspects (9/9 and 9/24). One falls before, and one after, the Mercury retrograde begins. We are trying to bring balance to our understanding of the necessary breakdown of structures in our lives. Jupiter, and Mars later in the Month, in Virgo, get us thinking about what new way of building, or new structures might better support us, while being flexible to adjust to our rapidly changing identity. It is time to build something totally new out of the wreckage of the last few years, but of course, Pluto reminds us that we must first be willing to completely let go of the old.

On Sept. 13 there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo. The Sun and Moon line up across the zodiac from Chiron, the wounded-healer, in Pisces. The ‘old’ we are being asked to let go of is our addiction to drama and destructive patterns. These continue to repeat from our subconscious until they get big enough to get fixed. That is what is going on for many right now.

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We have to decide what it means to invite the Goddess back into our lives, what it means to open our heart. Two eclipses this month, and Mercury turning retrograde, both cycles associated with revealing the truth, should bring deeper understanding to all of it by the end of October, after we assimilate all these upgrades and downloads.

On Sept. 17 Jupiter opposes Neptune at home in Pisces. We will be feeling this powerful aspect almost all month. Jupiter in Virgo wants to expand into building the new, but Neptune pulls back the reigns as we find ourselves looking in confusion at a sea of dreams, possible realities and illusions of the collective consciousness. This opposition is asking us to be real and come down to Earth while still expanding into unknown possibilities. We are being stretched, humanity, into a whole new way of relating to ourselves and the world around us.seed goddess

Just ten days after Venus turns direct, Mercury turns Retrograde in Libra on Sept. 17. This means the ‘shadow’, or period before and after a retrograde cycle, of these two planets overlaps. Mercury retrograde in Libra wants to understand, find justice, forgive, and harmonize the drama that may have been stirred up between the male and female archetypes within, or within relationships in general. Retrograde on top of retrograde could feel like the engine rev-ing for a moment…and then stalling out again. It may not feel right to take big steps or make big decisions until later in the Fall. Venus completes its cycle and returns to 0 degrees Virgo on October 8th. Mercury comes out of shadow on October 24th.

Pluto, who went retrograde just after the Spring eclipses in April, goes direct Sept. 25th. Pluto in Capricorn is about that breakdown, death and rebirth of the structures on all levels of our individual and collective experience. Pluto turning direct may bring dramatic outward changes in our lives this Fall, necessary to keep resonate with the deep internal changes that have been so much a part of 2015. Now we get to see what it all means when it comes out of the wash.

All in all with Venus and Mars, and Merc Rx, and two eclipses…September and October are shaping up to be power-packed astrology. This time is about letting the crumbling of the old structures to continue to happen and fall away. It is a powerful time to come out of illusion, getting clarity and understanding on how to build a new foundation of a new you.

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