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The wheel of time is turning in profound ways, even though it may feel like we are not moving at all. The Grand Fixed Cross is turning Cardinal. As the Grand Cross continues through this New Moon, each of the players are shifting signs. Venus, in retrograde, is first to move, on November 1st, back into the sign of Libra. This can bring a little ‘breather’ of lighter energy amidst all of this Scorpio intensity.

Uranus returns to the sign of Aries on the day of this New Moon, remaining in square to the nodes of the Moon, as they shift signs to Cancer and Capricorn. All of these elements move together, but the planets involved are moving backwards! Are we moving forward, or are we stuck, locked into place? One thing for sure, Uranus, the awakener, is rattling our cage of limiting beliefs, saying it is time to start something new.

Chiron, back in Pisces, brings in some heavy energy from the past, but in trine to Jupiter, it is supporting deep psychic healing. Venus comes into a sweet trine with Mars for this New Moon. Harmony is available within, when we can clear the shadows and lies hidden in our psyche. We are on a quest for deeper meaning and connection, as this Scorpio energy takes us on a deep, investigative, dive within.