Mercury and the Sun are together in Taurus, across from this Full Moon in Scorpio. On the heel of these planets conjunction with Uranus, we are wondering who we are in the New Age. This Scorpio Full Moon is saying it has to do with purifying our shadow, and a major upgrade in our self-worth.

We are a collective consciousness, and together, humans have been programmed over ages to feel shameful and dirty. This is a perfect petri dish for a virus to attack our human-ness and keep us in isolated separation. It is time to cleanse and purify our consciousness and release humanity from the shadow we have been living under, without even realizing it. It is time to face the darkness, and for humanity to stand up and say ‘no more’. To stand up for what is human, for what is right and good and true.

With the North Node shifting into Gemini, it’s do or die. We must face, and heal, the lies we have been told, humanity, if we are ever to move forward into the new paradigm of the new age. Venus, about to take a retrograde in Gemini, and in square to Neptune all month, is giving us the perfect opportunity for a life and truth review. We are being forced to push through the delusions, in order to move into the NEW.