Gateway (2)

This is another powerful Moon. Scorpio is the sign of death and re-birth and the underworld. We are just coming out of three months of heavy retrograde energy with Venus and Mercury. Mercury, the messenger, is now direct and hanging out with Uranus, the awakener in Aries. It’s finally time to move forward, but not without some enlightening shifts to help release the past.

This Scorpio Full Moon is a gateway to the next chapter. We are having an opportunity to look back and release all the painful stories and hidden shadows of the past. The tower is falling. Best to take the ego-death and move on. Time to forgive and forget, let go and release, and turn towards the new. Love your way through the rubble of the breakdown of structures happening around you, and trudge on into a new day.

2017 is a year of fiery activation. There is a fire under our butt with Saturn hanging out on the Galactic Center. Saturn is making a harmonious trine with Mercury and Uranus. This is a great time for unexpected and enlightening information to find it’s way to you, as Saturn urges us to make our dreams come home to Earth in real time.

And now is the time. On May 10th, the North Node moves into the sign of Leo. The North Node represents our future karma, where we are heading and how to get there. Leo says it’s time for the fire cock to shine. No more playing small. Time to get real with why you are on the planet and start creating your most amazing life.Leadership and Abundance Training (1)

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