It may seem like a confusing time with all of our action planets in Retrograde and a confusing Mutable T-Square. Mars turned Rx on April 17th in Sagittarius. Mars is our major action, male planet, that wants to get out there and make stuff happen. With Mars in retrograde, the action is within. And indeed, after the massive activation of the 2016 Spring Eclipse cycle, we are are being asked to closely re-evaluate our inner reality.

The T-square of energies in Mutable signs is forcing us to reconsider what is true, false, illusion, and delusion. Neptune the dreamer home in Pisces wants to dream but also can leave us blind. Saturn, the taskmaster, going backwards in Sagittarius could make us feel stunted in the work of expanding our reality. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and planet of expansion is trying to sort out all of this crazy reality in discriminating Virgo. It can be uncomfortable to question the boundaries of our reality but we really have no choice. We are having a profound opportunity to pierce the veil and see beyond the illusions of this world.

Past pain and truama is what hold our illusions in place. Mars enters Scorpio at the end of May, shortly after Mercury turns direct after three weeks of retrograde in sensitive, nurturing Taurus. I’m not sure there is any way around a massively presentation of our core shit over this next two months of May and June. It’s coming up so you can let go, so that energy can stop weighing you down. But sometimes it feel heaviest when it is trying to clear. Keep this in mind and hold steady. The next minute might feel different, like lighter and brighter.

Surrender your need for clarity in direction of your life. Trust the higher part of you that is trying to find room for itSelf in your life. We are being completely reprogrammed. We have to allow this shift in order to be able to vibrationally support our new world and our new reality. If you find yourself with absolutely no idea of what is going on, that means you are doing it exactly right.

You will be just fine if you can roll with it, and be willing to re-evaluate your reality and what is true for you every moment of every day. Don’t be scared of the monsters emerging from the closet, it is better to have them out in open air where they can be seen and resolved. Take this opportunity to re-make yourself on every level.

Mars goes direct on June 30th, but continues in the shadow and in the sign of Scorpio until August. So we are going to be in this muck and confusion for most of the Summer. Saturn, our other main action planet, turns direct mid-August. By the end of the summer, things should be more clear. Energy will be there for massive forward motion in new directions. If you take advantage of this Retrograde Season, your way forward will be way more in alignment with what you really want your life to be, a new start.

Enjoy the summer of inner adjustments, surrender and allow yourself to heal, release, and re-set in preparation for the exciting Fall of 2016 that lies ahead.

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher. Contact her for your individual session at