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Are you a SuperNova? Adrienne’s work speaks to very specific Soul Groups. If you are HERE, that’s YOU!

supernova soo͞″pər-nō′və

         n. a rare celestial phenomenon…

Be The STAR You Are

…a nova, isn’t actually a “new” star, but rather one that wasn’t noticed until it exploded…

Let’s get back in our Star Clusters!

We are here to be co-creators of a new paradigm!

…these elements serve as the material from which new stellar and planetary systems are formed…

SuperNova brothers and sisters, let’s come back together and ‘sprout the seeds’ of these amazing projects, and get to work on what we came here to do! An exciting journey lies ahead.

Welcome Home.


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Come find your Tribe…

A SuperNova is a very, very bright star, an exploding star.

How do you know if you are a SuperNova Soul?

SuperNovas have a sense, a feeling, and a knowing, that they have had for their whole life, that they came to this Earth for a very specific reason.

They can feel alone because that very few people, if any, in their life can understand or validate this deep soul purpose.

They feel they are here to help humanity in some way.

They often have intensely traumatic past life experiences because they tend to incarnated at the darkest times of Earth Evolution, in order to bring the light.

They feel an intense commitment to this Earth Evolution and hold a bigger vision of what is to come.

They are generally talented in many areas, and yet may have extremely low self worth, because of these painful past life experiences.

They have a soul purity and innocence, due to their many, many experiences, through whole evolutions and spiritual ascensions before ever even coming to this Earth Evolution.

They are here to guide the Activation of the Earth into a new, future paradigm.

In past lives and ancient times, SuperNovas have worked with and understand higher technology, beyond what is available on the planet today.

SuperNovas are proficient in higher intuitive abilities, although they may not be in touch with the fact that they possess these amazing gifts and skills.

These are very advanced souls, with vast experiences. This makes these souls very refined, and very sensitive.

They often feel over-sensitive to this dense and intense world.

They often sense and feel that this lifetime, may be their last lifetime on Earth, in a physical body. This brings a great desire to complete karma and patterns of experience.

They are natural leaders, and yet reluctant and fearful of stepping into their greater role. This can be because of what might have happened in past lives when they were a leader.

Despite their intense commitment and love for the Earth, these SuperNova Souls often feel like they don’t fit into this world, like they don’t feel at home here. The big-ness of them, can’t quite fit into this lower dimensional body. They are lonely for their bigger self, and for each other.

Throughout time, SuperNovas have come together to do amazing things, and work on innovative and exciting projects. They are just getting started. The ‘seeds’ of these projects have been planted in crucial times throughout history, by these special souls. These ‘seeds’ are ready to sprout!

Let’s get back in our Star Clusters!

SuperNovas are super bright, sensitive souls, that often hide out to avoid the attention of ‘being seen’. This keeps these SuperNova Souls from finding each other.

SuperNova Souls have great work to do. They are at the cutting edge of spiritual ascension, leading the way.

The time has come to find each other. For the time is nigh, and the Earth is calling. Our brothers and sisters are waiting to ‘sprout the seeds’ of these amazing projects we came to work on together. An exciting journey lies ahead.

SuperNova Souls inevitably come to a point in their journey of rapid expansion and acute awakening, where the rest of their life stops making sense and begins to dismantle. The process can be quite disconcerting, isolating, and shocking, as the structures of our life that don’t fit ‘the star that we are’, and begin to fall apart. This is where Adrienne comes in. She has been through it, and helped many others through to the other side. She is here for YOU.

Welcome Home.


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