pisces eclipseWow are you feeling the post-eclipse confusion? Well if you are, you are one step closer to your true path. This Pisces Full Moon, (Sept. 6 1:03am MST) conjunct Neptune, is a culmination of the Eclipse season, and an important opportunity to re-calibrate and surrender to the massive influlx of energies from the Leo Eclipse.

This Full Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces bringing a powerful connection to all that is, amidst all this confusion. Pisces energy speaks the past age and all that needs to be rearranged in order to move into the future. Pisces and Neptune represent the collective consciousness, our dreams but also our delusions.

And we are sitting in a place of total confusion, where we may feel like we don’t know what is past, what is future. Where are we going? Where we are coming from? This is exactly right. We are in primordial soup of life, trying to be reborn. Confusion and disorientation is to be expected. You are a butterfly in a cocoon, not sure if you are a larva, caterpillar, if you even exist at all. Is it all just a strange dream?butterfly

Saturn has turned direct but we are not feeling any clarity or impetus to move forward as long as Mercury is still retrograde. Mercury going backwards and Mars, who desperately wants to act in all this, going forwards come together for a powerful conjunction at the eclipse degree. Expect to relive the eclipse energies. Hopefully with more clarity this time.

Mercury turns direct the day before this Full Moon. It is time to move out of the confusion and into the light. We saw a vision of what was possible with the Leo Eclipse, but woke up to the reality of the mess that is in the way of getting there.mess

For this Full Moon, The N. Node, Mercury, Mars and Venus are all in Leo. The Sun in Virgo, and Mars soon to join, as well as Mercury after it turns direct, will guide us into clarity and having the strength to face and begin to clean up the mess. Saturn in direct motion is heading back towards the Galactic Center, a desperate call for us to arrive on our true path as illuminated by this Leo eclipse.

This Fall can be a time of clarity and forward motion in new directions, the true beginning of 2017 astrology, now that the eclipse season is behind us. So sit tight and surrender to your great transformation as this fire trine energy comes to Earth. There is also an Earth trine between Pallas Athene in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Virgo. It’s time to bring it home, and make it real, the visions and possibilities that we have been shown. It’s time for fairness and equality, and healing our body and our Earth.Earth-Heart-psd45988

Tap into these energies and allow the reset and recalibration to occur. There are powerful opportunities for clarity and guidance with Mercury turning direct and Mercury and Mars trining up with Uranus on the eclipse degree. Sit tight, surrender, let yourself rest and rejuvenate, while paying close attention to insights and information coming in about the exciting path ahead.

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