Well we have really been feeling the tide of change.  And over the last couple of weeks, for many of us that has specifically meant a tide of emotions.  With all those planets in Scorpio, we have been plunged into the depths of our deepest inner psyche.  This has been completely amplified in the last week as Neptune, retrograde since June, went direct on Nov. 15th. Neptune is placed strong in it’s home sign of Pisces and represents our collective consciousness, spiritual seeking and desire to merge.whirlpool

This shift caused the watery energy of the mysterious dank basement of Scorpio to turn into a sudden whirlpool of emotions. Neptune direct is stirring the pot and asking us where we find meaning in our lives. What is the point of all of this anyway? This was punctuated by Venus, our planet of love and harmony coming into square with Neptune on Thursday, Nov. 20th. What do you love? Why is there not more room to give deeper reverence and respect to that in your life?  If you found yourself in an emotional mess on the floor in this last week, that would be totally normal. Neptune direct has activated the collective experience of the karmic emotional healing we are having in this (oh so fun) time. We are all feeling it!emotional messThe energy is shifting big time this weekend as the Sun joins Venus in Sagittarius. We are having an opportunity to come up for air. Scorpio is the sign of our deepest depths and subconscious self, but also our sign of personal power.  Huh. Looks like we don’t get to take our power back unless we clean up our inner mess. This process has been going on for the last two years with Saturn in Scorpio, but we have been really been getting cooked in the stew of our own making in the last couple of weeks as most of us have been experiencing a ‘bloom’ of our core issues.  Add to this the intense energies of ascension that have been coming to the planet from the Sun, and the steam rises from the swirling whirlpool of our shit that has been hidden in the basement.solar_flares

We are getting super activated and this is making it incredibly difficult to be content in the status quo.  This can bring an uncomfortable feeling of deep discontent.  This is a good thing, really. These new energies from the Sun can bring weird symptoms around sleep, emotions, and ability to deal with the regular everyday mundane existence.  Drink lots of water and rest up. Make sure to take plenty of time to yourself to process all that is happening on deep emotional levels as well as other levels that we may not be consciously aware.

From our journey to the depths, under all those layers, it is quite possible that we may have uncovered a deep desire for a life with more meaning.  The astrology of the last few years has been slowly carving us into who we really are. The result is deep unrest and a desire for change.  Well, the desire, strength and impetus for change usually comes after first getting pretty darn uncomfortable where you we are at.  This is the stew of our own making, lifetimes of karma coming back to bite us in the ass…or put a fire under our butt! This may be especially true under the influence of Mars our fighter, action planet located in the steady worker bee sigh of Capricorn.

All this is happening, not just to hassle us, but to give us an opportunity we can’t resist to move into a life that is more fulfilling. You will feel better when you get out of resistance and take small daily steps toward the positive changes you want to see in your life.  The Universe is ready and waiting to assist us in creating our new world, as soon as we get our heads out of our ass and step up to the co-creation plate. Co-creators are not wounded victims, so we are being forced to clean up our act.

This is an incredibly important time.  We can this New Moon and Sun in Sagittarius to gain perspective that can support us in the upcoming month of intense astrology. Use the energy of this weekend to allow yourself to do what Sagittarius does best, to step back and see the big picture, the reason why. Look back on the path to see how far you have come.  birds eye view

Use this birds-eye view to build strength to face the last stretch of 2014 because 2015 is looking very different. We are preparing for take-off.  Do you have a seat belt? Because for those of us who have been facing the darker territories of ourselves, our inner dank basement, the gravity of life will be feeling lighter as we move into 2015.  The hard work will pay off, or at least we will more easily be able to see and feel why in the heck we’ve been going through what we have been going through and that it very well could be incredibly worth the journey.birds eye new earth

This Sagittarius New Moon foreshadows the themes of 2015:  ‘Humanity, how hard does shifting need to be? How addicted are we to pain, struggle and trauma?  Is pain and resistance absolutely necessary for us to learn and grow, or can we find a more harmonious way?’  And the other theme… ‘Oh, I am seeing the possibility that perhaps my life could be better than I could have ever imagined!’. Tap into the energy of this powerful New Moon in Sagittarius to get a visionary glimpse of what 2015 could bring for you. Stationing at 0 degrees Sagittarius, just hours after the Sun goes into Sagittarius, this New Moon holds strong energy of possibility…a ‘fresh new start’.

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Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher and New Earth Visionary.  As a trained Psychic and Classical Homeopathy, Adrienne offers healing techniques and tools through individual work and class offerings. Adrienne is creator of PORTAL Music Festival, Montana’s Transformational Festival, happening  at the time of the ‘Lion’s Gateway’ July 31-Aug 2, 2015 in Lolo Hot Springs, Montana.