Wow what an amazing October!  I’m not sure if I have ever seen such bright yellow colored leaves, perhaps touched as we all were by the fiery inspiration of the Grand Fire Trine of the first part of the month. Updates and realizations are slowly percolating into focus, set free by the October Mercury Retrograde and two Eclipses.autum

Mercury stationed direct on October 25th and one day later, Mars, our go-getter planet, moved into the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, our other task-master planet.  Capricorn likes to get work done, do real things in real life, and cross them off the list.  Now is the time to tap into the inspiration and information gained in October and actually do something about it. Mars in Capricorn urges us to bring it down to earth, stop fantasizing and manifest it into reality. Less ‘talk’, more ‘walk’…

After the power-packed astrology of October, November starts slow and steady with the Sun, Venus and Saturn all in Scorpio, but no major planetary aspects from the end of October until the Full Moon on the 6th which may leave us feeling a little ‘void of course’ or confused as to which direction to go.  Time to take a deep breath, assimilate and adjust to what just happened to us.  We are in a major culmination and completion of cycles, last week, last month, the last two years, last two decades… We are having an opportunity to finally figure out what this is all about.

We are going to be really feeling this ‘culmination’ energy on the Nov. 6th Full Moon, which completes the Eclipse cycle.  This Taurus Full Moon forms a harmonious trine with Mars in Capricorn. Taurus, an Earth sign like Capricorn, is also about manifesting. This Full Moon illuminates practical steps to bringing into reality your desired dreams and visions that were ignited or re-ignited by October’s Fire Trine. It is time to take action on your dreams and visions.  This Full Moon shows us the way.

For the next month, if we can be quiet, stop, be patient enough to let the waters quiet while we gaze into the pool of emotional knowing, we can find direction to start building our future one step at a time, plodding along like a Mountain Goat up a mountain. Mars in Capricorn is focused on one step after the other and the accumulation of small, continued accomplishments. Conversely, though, all these planets in Scorpio may make you want to just laze around. These opposing energies could lead to feelings of impatience and irritability, but just remember…step by step, one foot in front of the other.Edition of 1000 Printed:

Mercury joins these planets in Scorpio on November 8th, returning to it’s pre-retrograde 2 degrees Scorpio on the 9th, representing huge opportunities for completion and clarity.  It’s time to put that Scorpio watery intensity to use, and wash away whatever is old and in the way. Clean out your cupboards and closets, attics and ghosts.  That little rock in your shoe that you have been just shifting around, hoping falls out all by itself?  Take off your shoe, take off your sock and shake it out.  Better yet, wash your feet. Dissolve all of it away. Get rid off all of the rocks and pokey things and even the little barely uncomfortable fuzz balls.rock in my shoe

It is time to find everywhere within you that there is a little, compressed rock of forgotten stuff that is beginning to give you a blister. November 2014 is about taking the time to take a break, sit down, take off the shoe and release it all while at the same time cleaning out your refrigerator.  That stuff has been cooled down and stored away, but that doesn’t mean it won’t rot eventually. This Scorpio time is our best friend in dissolving away those forgotten and suppressed issues. Forgiveness for self and others is key. This is especially true and supported in the first half of November while Venus is in Scorpio.

On November 10th-12th, Mars triggers the Pluto-Uranus Square, the next ‘exact’ of which happens on the 12th of December.  We are already feeling it and will be for the next few months…or years.  What dissolution of what structure of your life is next to cross off the list?  This astrology may finally make short work of it.

There is a major shift of energy this month as Neptune, retrograde since the beginning of June, turns direct on November 15th.  At home in Pisces, Neptune going direct may bring out our desire to explore our spiritual side.  Add in Mars in Capricorn, and this aspect shows itself in seeking the spiritual in a practical step by step way. We are becoming more comfortable in these uncomfortable consciousness shifts, and getting down to the practical work of it.  Venus asks us where the divine feminine comes into our spiritual seeking as she squares Neptune a few days after it goes direct.  It is a great time to commit to a daily spiritual practice that is quiet and receptive, like meditation or yoga.neptune

There is a great window of potential productivity from November 15th, when Neptune goes direct, to December 8th when Jupiter goes retrograde.  We begin to move back into fiery energy beginning on November 16th when Venus moves into Sagittarius. The Sun follows into Sagittarius on Nov. 22nd, the same day as the New Moon in Sagittarius.  This alignment confirms that we are indeed approaching a new era and brings opportunity for new starts, fresh directions, new steps.

Mercury joins the party in Sag on the 27th. All of these planets cross over Old Man Saturn in Scorpio before they leave the sign. This is for-shadowing Saturn’s completion of it’s two years in Scorpio.  This astrology is hinting that the energy of the future is going to be very different than the last couple of years. Saturn makes this shift, in true dramatic fashion, a few days after the Winter Solstice at the very end of the year.  The focus of our karmic work turns from the energy of Scorpio, our deepest inner mysteries, to the energy of Sagittarius, our most out there dreams. We must make the most of this mysterious shadow sided work for the remaining part of the year. Now is the time to shed that skin to make room for the new.

shed skin

On the day of the Sagittarius New Moon, Nov. 22nd, Mercury’s enlightenment comes into square with Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter, the expansive dreamer and ruler of Sagittarius, is loving it’s placement in expressive Leo. It is bringing the needed confidence to take those practical steps toward your goals. Mercury square Jupiter is asking us what we need to understand more to be able to dream bigger.

A few days later, Mercury, the winged messenger, connects up with Saturn in Scorpio on November 25th.  Look out for Ahh-haa moments that shed light on the whole of 2014.  Here we are in November.  What just happened? And where is the horse? Is it in or out of the race? Is there a race?  Your horse may be feeling a bit exhausted and want to chill out, eat some grass, and take some extended time to meditate about it all before launching into the next phase of the eating grass

It is time to make some use of all of the karmic healing and hellish times we have been through in the last couple of years.  Time to put some umph in the process and start climbing that mountain to the life of your dreams that you caught a glimmer of from behind the clouds with the help of the fiery summer and October’s fire trine.  Something up there reflects the light, it is calling to you, it is time to head up the mountain. It’s a reflection of you, and your divine gifts, demanding to be recovered from the rubble of your life. Feel better by everyday doing something toward what you really want in your life. Don’t worry about how its gonna play out or how far you need to go, you cannot see clearly the top of the mountain from your current perspective.  But you can see the next step ahead, so just start.

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