The Nodes of the Moon are shifting signs, into Gemini/Sagittarius, after a year and a half in Cancer/Capricorn. This represents a new direction for humanity, with hints and clues about how we can shift into a new paradigm. This nodal shift speaks to the radical change of perspective that is required for us to move into the Aquarian Age.

The North Node in Gemini wants to see both sides of the story. Gemini is about an adaptable mind. Humanity, it’s time to shift our perspective and see deeper, behind the lies we have been told. This whole story begins with the Venus retrograde in Gemini May-June 2020, a great rearranging of our mind and values.

Sagittarius South Node speaks to regrets from the past that are holding us back from our true path, and greater purpose. Unresolved grief, of what we have lost, or where we feel we have failed, is taking up space and keeping the NEW opportunities from coming in. We are being asked to rearrange our perspective from being based on past pain, and into fresh opportunities. We must let go of the past in order to make room for the NEW that wants to come into our life.