Clarion Call (1)

This New Moon in Gemini is bringing clarity to everything we have been going through for the past 5 months and 5 years. This Spring was flavored with the retrograde. Venus and Mercury have just now returned to their pre-retrograde position and come out of shadow. It’s time to move into new territory.

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This is supported by the North Node of the Moon having recently moved into the sign of Leo. The North Node represents future karma and the path forward. Leo represents expression, play, and creativity. It’s time to forge ahead and shine your light in a whole new way.North Node of the Moon enters Leao (1)

Mercury, the messenger, is the ruler of Gemini, and so it is exalted during this New Moon, when the Sun and the Moon come together in Gemini. This is opening up new avenues of communication and connection. We have yet to gather the information that is ready for us from this recent Mercury retrograde. But now that Mercury and Venus are both out of their retrograde shadow, it’s time to make sense of it all. Lighting up the Shadows (1)

Venus is hanging out with Uranus the Awakener in Aries. This is bringing unexpected insights and shifts about what we really care about. We went through an internal journey these last few months and now it is time for what we have learned to show itself in real time in our outer reality. It’s time to enact the changes that are required in order to be more true to your self, and what you really want.

This aspect triggers the Pluto-Uranus square of revolutionary generational change. Mercury crossed over Uranus three times in it’s retrograde cycle and now we get to be illuminated as to what the messenger has figured out. Uranus and Venus are opposite of Jupiter in Libra, making the issues amplified in our personal relationships. And squaring Pluto, further calling for the breakdown of what is no longer serving.the tower

Uranus and Venus also make a harmonious trine with Saturn in Sagittarius, still real close to the Galactic Center. Pay attention and be open to new information and activities that will lead you to your path of destiny. It’s time to start living like you really want to. And the Clarion Call of this Gemini New Moon is leading the way. The North Node in Leo is calling us into the light. It’s time to start expressing the precious gifts you have worked for lifetimes to perfect for this particular transformational lifetime on planet Earth.Leadership and Abundance Training (1)

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