Mercury, after meeting Pluto and turning retrograde on Dec. 19th, makes an exact conjunction with the New Moon in Capricorn that happens 11:54pm MST Dec. 28th. Join me for a New Moon in Capricorn Activation.

The stars are lining up powerfully, speaking to us about leaping into the new energy of 2017 and the Aquarian Age.


Three massive, large, slow moving planet aspects lead the way in this shift to the new year and new age. Jupiter is exactly opposite Uranus, triggering the generational change-making Pluto-Uranus Square. Jupiter says we must expand in our community, in our relationships, in justice and harmony and working together, in order to bring on the revolution. Saturn makes a triangle with Uranus, harmonizing this process of conceiving and building a new world based on our new spiritual identity.

But Saturn also makes a hard square with Chiron,the wounded healer, which takes us into the new year. We have to get out of victim and let go of all of the oppression we have been allowing in our life. Pluto, being so highlighted right now in Capricorn, speaks about the wounds from power and authority.

Individually and collectively, it is time to take back our power from this falling apart paradigm. The authority of the new age is within each of us. We must let go of all belief systems and conditioning that are holding us back from being who we really are. We must be our own spiritual authority. We have had enough of false gods and oppressive structures. If the universe is within each of us then it makes sense that our authority should come from within as

Congratulations on making it through 2016!!! Yay for the new energy and a new year!

This astrology and Merc rx makes the month of January a great time to get on track with who you really are. Consider taking advantage of

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