It’s Mercury Retrograde Season again! Although we are still recovering from the last Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, last October and November, we are already starting another one.

This Mercury retrograde, from February 17th to March 10th, is full of powerful messages as it takes Mercury over the Aquarius/Pisces cusp three times. We are examining how we must adjust our thinking and our everyday reality to the New Age.

It is fitting that Mercury will also come into a sextile with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, three times during this retrograde cycle, bringing creative solutions. Mercury will also make a sweet trine with the North Node of the Moon in Cancer, inviting nurturing support for these powerful shifting times.

Here are some key dates for this Mercury retrograde:

February 2-3 Mercury in retrograde shadow at 28 degrees Aquarius

February 5 Mercury sextile Uranus #1 – 2 degrees

February 9 Mercury trine North Node #1 (Full Moon in Leo)

February 17 Mercury turns retrograde at 12 degrees Pisces

February 17 Mars enters Capricorn

February 24 New Moon in Pisces February 26 Mars conjunct South Node

February 26-27 Mercury trine North Node #2

February 29 Mercury sextile Uranus #2 – 3 degrees March 5
Mercury enters Aquarius

March 9 Full Moon in Virgo opposite Sun/Neptune

March 10 Mercury turns direct March 17
Mercury enters Pisces

March 20 Equinox, Sun moves into Aries

March 20-22 Mars conjunct Jupiter

March 21 Mercury trine North Node #3

March 22 Mercury sextile Uranus #3 – 4 degrees

March 23 Mars conjunct Pluto

March 24 New Moon in Aries conjunct Black Moon Lilith

Mar 29-Apr 6 Jupiter conjunct Pluto

March 30 Mercury out of retrograde shadow at 12 degrees Pisces

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