Whew! We made it! But if things seem really intense right now, you are not alone. Everything is coming up for everyone. But we made it! Traditionally Spring Equinox is a celebration of making it through the winter and the promise of the new year ahead. This Total Solar Eclipse, (3:46 am MST Friday, March 20) is especially important shifting point, with the Moon and the Sun lining up at 29 degrees Pisces, the very end of the sign. This eclipse is speaks of completing the past and the Piscean Age. Thus…Stuff coming up.

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We are getting squashed and squeezed this month as we sit deep in the 7th of 7 Pluto Uranus Squares which have happened over the last three years. Now is the time to rehash and renew any ideas, beliefs, relationships, jobs, any structures of our lives.  The question to ask yourself is, “Is this truly serving me in the truth of who I am?”  It’s deep, vulnerable work but we don’t have a choice but to delve into it. Three large planets in each of the fire signs are the ‘fire under our ass’ to get us going. This Spring is when we are finally actually able to act on the changes that we know we need, but haven’t yet had the courage to make.  It is time to begin to take the first steps in the steps we have been thinking about taking for the last few years.divided path

So far, 2015 has been a stewing pot of potential change with so much fire energy.  This watery New Moon Eclipse may make us feel like a pot of water on the boil. We are trying to dream, imagine, sleep, and stay in delusion but the fire wants us to move, take action, preferably in a brand new, unexpected direction. Five planets in fire signs and the final Pluto Uranus Square are calling us into rapid personal transformation. The Sun moves into Aries on March 21st, catching up to Uranus, the main player in this landscape of dramatic change, on April 6th. The question is…is the transformation voluntary? Can we enjoy the process? Or are we going to have to go kicking and screaming? Because we don’t have a choice. We are all going. We are heading, very rapidly, into a very different future.the future

New Moon, New Season, New Age….Tons of new and Aries the instigator is coming to play. Uranus and Pluto begin to separate next month when Pluto goes retrograde on April 17th. We made it! But the radical social movement that was associated with these planets’ conjunction in the mid-sixties, didn’t really show itself until a few years later.  The dramatic effects of the square of these major players are yet to be revealed. Eclipses are about bringing forward what needs to be revealed, and here we are entering into an eclipse cycle, just as these planets complete the 7th Square.

Lets hope what gets revealed from this Eclipse cycle is the truth about the technology that is available to us to solve all of our problems. Why for all of these years has the information about Extra Terrestrials that live, visit and communicate with Earth and our leaders been so suppressed? Not because it might freak people out, like they tell you. It is actually about the technology that would be revealed. But I don’t see us making it through 2015 with some major disclosure of this truth. Do you believe in Free Energy? It is just one example of the technology that has been hidden for us for way too long. It is absolutely real and viable and could have been implemented on a global scale for quite a while now. You can also be a part of Project TBOE (Take Back Our Earth). Educate yourself and talk about it with everyone. Rodin coil

Jupiter as the focus of the powerful YOD formation may act like a slingshot into the NEW everything when it goes direct on April 8. It went retrograde on Dec. 8, 2014. This is significant because Jupiter is a planet of expansion. The numerology of 2015 (2 + 0 + 1 + 5=8) is also 8. Eight is a number of abundance, creation, and expansion.slingshot

This last year, NASA dramatically reversed previous statements of ‘no possible life out there in space’ to ‘actually there are millions of potential habitable planets and sure to be lots of life out there.’ Supposedly five times the amount of stars in the Universe as there are grains of sand on our planet. Wha?? Say that again. Grains of sand??? That is a shit ton! 10% are said to have a potential for life and about 1% probably do have life. Suddenly we are really small and there is a lot out there that we don’t understand. It is unfathomable.galaxy

The quarentine on Earth is about to be lifted. We are realizing that our place in the cosmos….is with a whole bunch of other folks that have been waiting for us to wake up enough to communicate with them. Are we ready to redefine ourselves according to what the new science has proven to be true? Are we ready to receive our new technology and clean up our planet? Are we ready to head in a brand new direction, humanity? The stars are demanding it be so.

Jupiter’s position in the sign of Leo supports the dramatic and confident expression of this new abundance of our ever-expanding Universe and view of life. Jupiter is still in a very close trine with Uranus in Aries. Uranus the planet of sudden, disruptive change, in such a harmonious aspect with lucky Jupiter, makes this time great for the magical, although potentially unexpected or surprising, lining up of events and information. Pay attention, this next four weeks should be chock full of dramatic insights and synchronistic shifts.

Venus, strong in it’s home sign of Taurus, squares up with Jupiter and then trines Pluto at the end of the month. Venus in Taurus wants us to examine the New Age and New Abundance in terms of love and personal satisfaction. When we think of abundance, we think of money, but as first things are energy, before manifesting into matter, we best be thinking of abundance as love…what the Universe is made of.abundance

The first step in receiving abundance is learning to receive love. And we can’t receive love into our lives unless we can first love ourselves. The key to this time is finding compassion and love while all our stuff is coming up. When we can forgive ourselves and others, this opens the gates to the love and compassion that is wanting to flood the planet.  Will you consent to be a beacon?  Venus is reminding us that compassion is key to cleaning up the past and moving into the New Age.new age

Mercury the messenger has moved into Pisces, coming up on Neptune, then Chiron, the wounded healer. We are gathering information on how to clear up painful delusions of the past. This is a profound message with an Equinox Eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces. What is this Age about? What do we need to heal from the past to be able to move forward? In the first week of April, Mercury (following the path of first Venus and then Mars earlier in the month) moves into Aries and trines Saturn, then Jupiter, then conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. One after another our personal planets have been exploring this powerful area of the sky, bringing the effect of the Pluto Uranus Square into our intimate, individual reality. Mercury catches up to the Sun in Aries on April 10th. This will be when we can really begin to glean the information available to us from the Mercury retrograde cycle in Aquarius from the beginning of the year.

All of this astrology is about ‘bringing it up’, junk from the past, that is. ‘I totally thought I dealt with that..’ we say to ourselves. But there it is again, rearing it’s ugly head like a hungry, demanding monster. We are feeling this especially in the last few days as Saturn turned retrograde. This can feel really sluggish to those whose charts are personally affected. Father time is taking a retrograde cycle until August 3rd, which means it is heading back in the direction of Scorpio, as we revisit the task of cleaning up our shadow.clean up shadow

This year is about dredging up the nitty gritty from the past and sometimes it has to get big enough and ‘bloom’, in order for us to find it and heal it. Things coming up feel out of proportion and that is what is happening. If you can keep this awareness, paying attention and trying not to react, it will be easier to keep perspective. Honor the bigness of the issue as a gift for you to be able to find it…or to stop denying it. We are revisiting the past in order to heal, understand, and change the pattern so we can slingshot forward to the new and exciting. Perhaps we can see this ‘dredging up’ as the profound blessing that it is in helping us re-make our life.new-heaven-earth

Because we made it. We made it through the winter. We made it into the Aquarian Age. We made it through 7 Pluto Uranus Squares. Soon, sometime very soon, we will be feeling a sense that we are finally getting somewhere. Time to breathe a sigh of relief and prepare to slingshot into a new future. Put on your cosmic seatbelts and get ready for the ride!

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher and is available for personal past life/aura readings and healings. She is a Classical Homeopath and creator of PORTAL Music Festival. Contact Adrienne: adrienne@customdevelopmentwebsite.com