total solar eclipseThere is a Total Solar Eclipse happening at 28 degrees Leo on Monday, August 21 2017, the first visible eclipse in the U.S. in a long time.

Join me for a Live Activation! This is a guided meditation to make the most of the powerful gateway energies of this Eclipse. Energy is encoded in the recording!

We have been breaking down old structures behind the scenes for a long time. This eclipse represents the start of a new cycle. It’s finally time for the expression, in our outer reality, of the consciousness changes that have been happening in our world.leo lion

This starts with you, as you begin to find permission to validate your True Self Worth and begin to express your unique divine gifts. You came here to shine.

We have all been playing small with societal and ancestral programming keeping us in fear and denial of our power and connection to source. But this Leo Total Eclipse is saying it is time to play big. Leo has the confidence and determination to creatively express their Truth. The light of the Sun, Moon, North Node and Mars, all in Leo, are calling us home to expression of what is truly in our heart.woman in air

Around the time of this eclipse, the Sun, Moon and Mars all come into a harmonious trine, first with Saturn and then with Uranus. Saturn is limitations and karma and duty. Uranus is the revolution, the awakener. This confirms that this Eclipse is about awakening to your true path. These aspect bring great harmonizing support for the process.

Eclipses are about what needs to be revealed. In Leo, it is about what is in the way of you expressing your true, sparkly self. Mercury Retrograde, in Virgo and Leo, is helping us with this. Helping us clean house and sort out everything old that is in the way of our true expression.Equinox horizon

During the week of this eclipse, Venus is in Cancer, opposing Pluto, triggers the revolutionary generational evolutionary game-changing Pluto-Uranus Square. We are breaking down the structures that are no longer working so we can build new, innovative ones. Jupiter in Libra in T-square, in the sign of relationships, makes our personal interactions the most fertile ground for revolutionary change.

Change is in the air, but don’t expect clarity about what that means in the practical world until after Mercury turns direct on Sept. 5th. There will be a powerful Full Moon in Pisces on Sept. 6, to help in releasing the old wounds and traumatic stories, to re-write the script of your age

True resolution of this entire summer of astrology won’t really begin until Mercury comes out of it”s retrograde shadow on Sept. 19th. This makes the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 20th a powerful new beginning for 2017. With four planets in Virgo for the 2nd half of September it will be time to re-imagine and re-build your life, in a fresh new way.

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