sun-lightThis Leo New Moon is quite a marker, happening just an hour away from Mercury turning direct. Mercury will continue to be in the sign of Cancer until August 11th, but it now begins a race towards the light. First, it has to make it’s third and final sojourn through the end degrees of Cancer, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s a pretty powerful message that this New Moon in Leo happens at 11:11pm Eastern Time in the US. 11:11 represents a gateway into the new. In Leo, perhaps this is a portal into a whole new chapter with a whole new identity, both individually, and collectively.

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With the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars all in Leo, as well as Chiron and Jupiter also in fire signs, it’s heating up. And we are all in the hot seat. Coming out of this Mercury Retrograde, it is a time for all of us to re-evaluate all parts our life and adjust ourselves to what is most true in our heart and soul.

Leo wants to love and open our heart, but first we must heal the disconnect and pain from past failed intimacy. Can we come back into connection? There is great support for this leading up to this New Moon with Mars in trine to Jupiter. We’ve got to reconnect to our heart and essential truth, in order to get back on the quest, and open to the love that is now showering down from the Universe.

Hope is returning and clarity is on the way. It’s been a deep journey into the most vulnerable places, with this Mercury retrograde and Eclipse Season. But now the tide is turning, and inspiration is returning.

The Sun is in square to Uranus for this New Moon. This is telling us that if we are not feeling the juice of life returning, it may be because we are still in denial of the truth of who we really are. For most of us this truth has been deeply suppressed. But claiming it back is the goal of this epic journey. We are having a huge opportunity to get back in the flow, receive support, and claim back our spiritual quest.

With Uranus involved, there is always opportunity for information and insight from our higher self to bleed through. This can also bring abrupt and sudden shifts, which can be dramatic and upsetting, but hugely effective at the same time. It’s absolutely time to finally move forward out of old stuck patterns. Are you ready for the ride?