This Full Moon in Leo is ‘inconjunct’ to Saturn and Pluto, still close at 2 degrees apart, in Capricorn. Inconjuncts are about an adjustment that needs to be made. This adjustment has to do with shining our light.

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It’s interesting that Mars in Sagittarius is in trine to this Full Moon in Leo. Our adjustment in shining our light, has everything to do with activation of our greater purpose and spiritual destiny. It’s time.

Mars in Sagittarius will also be exactly 30 degrees away from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is trying to move us forward, out of the rubble of our life, and into our greater destiny. Mars is very close to the Galactic Center for this Full Moon, bringing huge activation energies around path and purpose.

Divine timelines are landing, which sounds good, but can also be quite traumatic. This can bring radical adjustments, and sudden, dramatic changes. Mars represents the male aspect of us. This Galactic Activation is an opportunity to incarnate and empower our inner masculine, allowing us to be able to better stand up for ourselves, have a back bone, and take action. Mars going over this powerful spot demands of us a total devotion to the quest.

The feminine is on the table too, with Venus crossing over the powerfully expansive Aries point on the day of this Full Moon. Venus in Aries brings her into conjunction with Chiron and Black Moon Lilith. It’s an opportunity for a complete re-birth for the feminine, and an opportunity for a healing her deepest wounds, once and for all. Nothing can hold her back now.

This Full Moon an opportunity for a sacred marriage of the divine feminine and the divine masculine within. The feminine must clear her shadow and heal her wounds, the masculine must stand up strong for what is right and good and true, moving forward into true destiny and a life of profound purpose. Time to shine.