Intuitive Training With Adrienne Elise

Intuitive Training is the KEY to discover who you really are. In this Intuitive Training, you can learn the skills you need to uncover your precious inner gifts. We have all experienced many lifetimes, and have learned many things. But we have forgotten. The best way to honor your soul-spirit, and your innate skills, is to learn how to use them! Claim back your essence and remember who you are, by getting acquainted with your intuitive and psychic abilities.

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The Best Preparation For A Career In The Healing Arts

Intuitive Education is the best preparation for a career in the healing arts, and to enjoy a healthy and fulfilled life. Learning psychic boundaries and how to access your Intuition safely, is an essential foundation necessary for all healing work. Many healers turn away from the work because of overwhelming and exhaustion. This happens because of a lack of spiritual boundaries. Maintaining your sacred psychic space can help you to protect your energy, and continue to do this important work.

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Develop Your Psychic Toolkit

In this Intuitive Training, you will systematically learn basic psychic tools that are the key to owning your own energetic autonomy. Claiming your psychic space and spiritual autonomy allows you to take charge of your life. Life starts to make sense.

Sensitive souls often find themselves consumed with constant management of outside energies. Being able to sort out the energies of ours, other people, and other entities bring confidence. The Intuitive Training works with basic psychic skills, that we practice, again and again, supporting you in growing your awareness of your chakra system and energetic field. By holding your own sacred psychic space, you are making room for the work that YOU want to do in your life.

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Intuitive Training Courses

Intuitive Training Course: 12-weeks – $495

Bring Intuitive Support Into Your Life

The Intuitive Training consists of twelve sessions. The format of the Intuitive Training is a one hour class, once a week, for 12 weeks.

Live Video Classes are densely packed with information, tools, and skill development, as well as homework suggestions. The live video is the content of the class and can be watched later as a replay if you miss the live class or want to review the material again. Discussion groups, Q&A’s, and student practice sessions round out the coursework.

The video class contains the information and techniques that will come alive in your individual meditation practice throughout the week. In all, the time commitment for the Intuitive Training is about 2-4 hours a week plus time for meditation practice. But the class is flexible. If you can’t make the live class, just watch the replay when you can. Replays of the Intuitive Training are available ongoing.

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Connect With Your Highest Guidance

In the Intuitive Training, we work towards establishing a clear connection with your highest guidance, your one true voice. This is the part of you that is in alignment with Source, and the highest ideal. This means no more questioning your Intuition, but being able to move steadily forward toward your goals of spiritual awakening and expression of your full potential. This makes Intuitive Training with Adrienne Elise a premier source for psychic development.

The ultimate design, focus, and goal of the Intuitive Training is to connect you up to your own highest guidance, so you can find the messages and support you are looking for, right there inside of yourself.

Skills taught in this training are powerful, and a great way to learn how to protect and honor your sacred psychic space. This can support you in forging an unbreakable connection with your highest self.

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Clear What Is In The Way

The Intuitive Training offers opportunities to clear and activate energy centers and systems. Clearing karmic contracts, as well as societal and family programming, can support you in being a channel of pure source energy.

In order to safely and effectively use our Intuitive abilities, it is really important to clear all of the energies that can interfere with clear guidance. This is the ultimate focus of these classes.

We work in-depth with the issues of each chakra, or levels of consciousness. This offers opportunities to clear contracts, belief systems, and programming that may be in the way of your deeper Intuitive work. It is important to address, in a very thorough way, the energies on all levels, particularly the lower chakras, that may get in the way of crystal clear communication with your highest guidance.

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Support Your Spiritual Awakening

Our Intuitive Skills are our key to the process of spiritual awakening and ascension. Many people feel and sense so much, but don’t know quite what to make of it. Learning to identify and communicate with different energies, we can begin to forge a deep connection with our inner guidance. This is the best way to support your spiritual growth. Adrienne has devoted her life to the study of spiritual teachings of many paths, making this a powerful Spiritual Training, a modern-day mystery school.

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Step Into Your Power

Is it time to step into your power and help others do the same? We will examine, in-depth, anything that may be blocking your connection to your intuitive power. The Intuitive Training is designed to increase your confidence in using the gifts and skills that you have worked to develop over many many lifetimes.

This course can help you in safely using your intuitive abilities in your life, to serve humanity, or just help you center and ground. The Intuitive Training can support you in living your ideal life and expressing your full potential.

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Awaken Your Chakra System And Activate Your LightBody

Most souls have no idea what is available to them in their chakra system. Our chakra system consists of vortexes of energy. These energy centers, and their connection to the glandular system, is how we communicate with the greater wider cosmos and energies of the world.

In the Intuitive Training, we focus on clearing issues and energies associated with each of the major chakras, or levels of consciousness. We also work to clear and awaken the glandular system, which is how the chakras communicate with our physical body.

Working with the chakra system can stimulate the activation of your entire electromagnetic field, taking your life to a new level. Bringing the chakras into communication with each other, and the glandular system, invites the activation of the complete energy field, your LightBody.

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Connect With Your Soul Group

The Intuitive Training is taught in small groups, the curriculum crafted uniquely to each group. The Intuitive Training is a great way to connect with a community of other seekers who are on a similar path. Soul Group connections happen through discussion chat groups, Q&A’s, and optional practice trade sessions.

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Understand Why

If you are an Empath and SuperNova Soul who has found life to be rather intense, your Intuitive gifts might be why. You most likely have abilities, that you may not even realize you have. Advanced souls often find themselves floundering around, over-sensitive to the world, trying to find a way to be comfortable. For these very sensitive souls, being an empath can become a disability, making it hard to live everyday life. Our Intuitive gifts become a burden when we don’t understand how to protect ourselves energetically.

These sensitivities, though, are actually evidence of exceptional talent and intuitive ability, a sign of a very advanced soul.

We are surrounded, all of the time, by all kinds of invisible energies. These energies are affecting us, and yet we have no idea what or why. This creates many uncomfortable symptoms experienced by the sensitive, empathic soul. Being able to sort out these energies, and know that you are in charge of your own energetic field, is incredibly empowering.

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Support For The Sensitive Empath And SuperNova Soul

The Intuitive Training is designed to help sensitive, empathic souls to understand and uncover these amazing gifts, while at the same time protect themselves energetically. Understanding what energies are yours, and what energies belong to others, can dramatically support you in getting clear on your messages. Clear guidance supports you in protecting yourself, and in staying focused on what you would like to create in your life.

Sensitive souls find mechanisms to protect themselves. But these protections can also block their connection to intuitive guidance. Often, these souls don’t even realize that they have these abilities. And yet, these gifts are something these souls have developed over many lifetimes and whole evolutionary experiences, before ever coming to Earth.

The Intuitive Training isn’t so much about developing intuition, but about teaching you how to safely and confidently uncover and use these innate skills. Understanding and being able to execute control over your own energy field changes everything. This the basic goal of Intuitive Training Level I and supports you in stepping out in confidence, on your true path.

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How You Can Help Humanity

Intuitive Training can support you in offering Intuitive support to others. This type of deep soul healing is very much needed at this time in our evolution. Intuitive Coaching and Support is a professional area that has massive potential for growth, as humanity continues to awaken.

Everything that is in the way of our spiritual evolution resides deep in the subconscious. People who have an ability to work with this unconscious energy, have powerful and potent skills that are much needed at this time. Offering support, and clearing and healing, on this level, can give yourself, and others, the gift of true freedom.

Intuitive Training prepares you, on all levels, to be able to offer professional Intuitive support for your community.

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Facilitate Intuitive Healing

The Intuitive Training Course is designed for those that feel ready to develop their intuitive ability to help others. Intuitive Healing Facilitation can help you use your skills to bring harmony and healing to the world.

Begin your career as an Intuitive Healer! Make the most of your innate gifts by learning how to use them to assist humanity in this powerful time of shifting change. These classes offer all of the tools and skills, as well as support and community, to guide you harmoniously into your role as an Intuitive Healing Facilitator.

Intuitive Training

12-week Course

The Intuitive Training will focus on the basic tools that form the foundation of Intuitive work. This will include guided meditation and imagery training, along with techniques for clearing and healing on all levels of consciousness. One of the main benefits of Intuitive training is an ability to have healthy psychic boundaries. We will work with grounding and energy techniques that allow you to ‘hold your space’ in any situation. This Intuitive Training offers a proficient practice of a solid set of tools to assist in psychic healing as well as increased confidence in reaching your Intuitive connection with your highest self, your best guidance. Those who complete the Intuitive Training will feel confident to begin practicing their intuitive skills for healing themselves, and others.

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What People Are Saying About Intuitive Training

“The Intuitive Training has been a very positive and enlightening experience for me, and I am very happy that I decided to do it! All of the classes have been great, but I would say that the first class on grounding was the most profound one, in that I felt a very marked difference in how I felt afterward. I was really in a state of flight or fight and could not calm down, even when I was exhausted and trying to fall asleep at night.  Immediately after that first class I finally felt calm. I had not felt that way in months, so it really got my attention. I have never had a meditation affect me so dramatically. Thank you for this wonderful class. We are so lucky to have you as a teacher!”


“I am gaining so much from the training and enjoying it immensely. It seems I have been able to clear many blocks to connect properly to the Earth/Gaia and now the grounding cords work well. I enjoy working with my energy field and it feels more potent now.”


“I’m enjoying the Intuitive Training. I’m regularly practicing the grounding techniques for myself and the spaces that I work in, as well as my space at home when it’s time to rest–before bed. The effects are palpable.”


“I have started to go back to the sessions and re-watching them. It has been such a gift to be able to participate in this. Energetic autonomy is such a treasure and much needed for me. It is definitely a game-changer. I love the sessions. It really helps a lot in holding my space and staying in the power of it”


“Grounding is getting much easier and faster and I can really feel it. All of the repetition has been so good for me and you never rush us so there is plenty of time for each step…Thank you for your support and encouragement. You have made this class so much fun and I look forward to it each week.”


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