Intuitive Healing Sessions

It’s time for an Intuitive Healing Session whenever you feel like you need to see into the unseen and find the hidden forces at work in your life. Deep in our subconscious, we find the things that drive us. In this two-hour Intuitive Healing Session, we will look at your overall energy field to get a sense, in the bigger picture, of what is going on for you. Understanding the true motivating forces behind the events in your life can set you free. Removing hereditary, societal, and collective programming, that is keeping you from your greater truth, can help you get on your true path.

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Shift Your Life

What is holding you back from the life you really want to live? An Intuitive Healing Session includes psychic reading that can help you find the information you need to move forward and truly shift your life. Intuitive Healing Sessions are a culmination of years of intuitive work and study, the deepest and most profound work offered by Adrienne Elise. These sessions have a goal of connecting you directly to your highest self and supporting you in coming into closer connection with your higher guiding forces.

Intuitive Healing Sessions typically include Soul Group Work, Timeline Alignment, Contracts Clearing, and Soul Retrieval opportunities. Intuitive Healing Sessions offer full support for spiritual health that can continue to work in your life for months and years to come.

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Past Life Healing

We will examine the most appropriate past life pictures which can shed light on your current experience. This can bring you the information you need to address, in the most effective way possible, whatever might be keeping you from your full expression. By looking at just the right past life pictures, an Intuitive Healing Session can get you the answers, energy healing, and clearings you need, delivered with crystal clarity.

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Intuitive Healing Sessions Are Unavailable At This Time

Thank you so much for being here!

Adrienne Elise is currently booked up through 2020. Adrienne is suspending the offering of Individual Sessions for the early part of 2021. Adrienne is excited to do more group work with the SuperNova Soul Tribe, as well as develop downloadable courses to support SuperNova Souls. Adrienne will resume offering Individual Sessions in April 2020. Booking for 2021 Sessions will be available in January.

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Intuitive Healing Sessions

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Be The Star You Are

What is keeping you from expressing your full potential? Make your life your own, by removing hereditary, societal, and collective programming that keeps you playing small. Many souls seek Intuitive Healing Sessions because they have a goal of expressing their whole truth in this lifetime. Intuitive Healing Sessions can help you see who you really are, and support you in expressing your full potential.

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Soul Group Work

SuperNova Soul Groups have been together since the beginning of time. You and your Soul Group have very similar past-life experiences and are often working on the same issues. Looking at the energies of your Soul Group can help you understand your own process, while at the same time offer support for the group. This can amplify your own healing while inviting more real-world connections with members of your Soul Group.

Many who seek Intuitive Healing are feeling alone and lost, unable to figure out what they are here to do. Often, this can have to do with a lack of connection with your soul group members, who may have ‘pieces of the puzzle’ of the projects you came here to work on together. Soul Group healing can send out ripples of healing to the collective consciousness through powerful archetypal pictures. This can support other souls that could benefit from the work, while at the same time, call these soul tribe members into your life.

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Soul Retrieval

So many of these SuperNova Souls are only partially incarnated, making it really hard to find their path and express their gifts. Experiences in past lives can cause parts of us to get stuck in other time dimensional frequencies. This can happen from loyalty contracts or traumatic past life experiences.

The need for Soul Retrieval, not being whole and complete, can lead to issues in personal boundaries. Soul Retrieval is about inviting these parts of your soul back, into the present time, home on Earth. The need for Soul Retrieval work can interfere with finding your life path, making decisions, and moving forward in your projects. Soul Retrieval work can make it much easier to navigate your life on all levels.

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Timeline Alignment

What does it look like for you to be in full expression of your true gifts? Examining a past life picture where you were living more of your truth, can allow you to receive an overall energetic ‘reset’ back to this energy. This can harmonize your path forward, by connecting you, in energetic vibration, to your most ideal timeline. Timeline Alignment can help uncover your unique gifts, and bring clarity around your next-steps and career path.

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Contract Clearing

Past life karmic contracts can hold us back and distract us from our true path. Karmic contracts with ourselves, our family, our friends, and loved ones, often keep us re-creating similar cycles of pain and suffering. Intuitive Healing Sessions provide an opportunity to clear relationships, ancestral, and group contracts. Clearing contracts offer an opportunity for chakra energy healing and activation as well as aura healing.

We will address any ‘loyalty’ contracts, where you may be subconsciously holding yourself back because of feeling responsible for other individuals or groups. An Intuitive Healing Session can help you clear bloodline contracts and ancestral belief patterns that may be keeping you from living your life, your way. SuperNova souls tend to wrestle with authority contracts. This is where you have given your power away in past lives. Clearing contracts can set you free.

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A Message From Adrienne Elise…

“It has been my deepest wish, throughout my life, to find a way to offer deep and profound spiritual healing that can change people’s lives. Healing that can help them move from continued suffering, into the life they were meant to live. These Intuitive Healing Sessions are a culmination of this journey. I didn’t even know I was psychic until I completed a rigorous four-year Classical Homeopathic Certification. After which I realized I was feeling everything, in my body, that my clients listed as symptoms. My intuitive abilities were a huge liability. Experiences like this can be common as sensitive, empath souls set out on their journey as a healer, causing many to turn back from the path.

Luckily, I found Psychic Training, and as I made it through 5 years of psychic study, more and more of my life started to make sense. This led me to become an Intuitive spiritual healer and teacher. Throughout my life, I have been drawn to many diverse areas of spiritual study. All of this comes together in these Intuitive Healing Sessions. It is a wonderful way to bring forward an offering that is a culmination of so many years of seeking and studying. I can’t wait to share this with you.

These sessions are a journey and a joy, it is my hope that they can bring powerful healing for the individual, their soul group, and the collective consciousness. So much of what affects us lies deep in the subconscious. Looking at past lives gives us a way to enter the back door of our consciousness to get real answers and healing. We have entered a powerful time in our evolution, where the veil is thinning. This can cause past lives, to ‘bleed through’ into this reality. Most people are concurrently experiencing feelings from past lives, triggered by their current life, and yet they can’t figure out why things are so intense. These sessions can put it all in perspective.

This work is always exciting and new. These sessions are the main source of the themes that come through the Gaia Video Updates on my YouTube Channel, giving me an acute understanding of what these, what I call SuperNova Souls, are going through.

As soon as I learned healthy psychic boundaries, I started teaching others these skills. I really enjoy guiding SuperNova Souls in uncovering and using their Intuitive power through Intuitive Training. This work is sorely needed on the planet, and the more people doing it, the better. Please consider the Intuitive Training if you are interested in becoming a certified Intuitive Healer or Intuitive Coach.

I look forward to our journey together in your Intuitive Healing Session!”

What People Are Saying About The Intuitive Healing Sessions

“I would like to express how much your Intuitive Healing Session meant to me. It seemed like I was still in an altered state at the end of the session and I wasn’t communicating very clearly. It was amazing and also very surprising and yet so LIBERATING.”

-Kavannah, Naples, Florida

“Thank you for the wonderful session. Afterward, I felt that a huge oppressive weight was lifted. I no longer feel as responsible for others and am able to have a clear conscience in focusing on my own higher needs. So much of what you spoke about was exactly how I was feeling. Now I have a better perspective and the beginning of a sense of more freedom to do my life…” 

-E. B., Boston, MA

“For many people I’ve referred to you, one session is enough stuff to unpack for a lifetime. There is no one else I know who does the deep level healing you do. You have healed me more in one session than months of therapy was able to do.”

-Kimberly Tere Hawkins

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