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Your Astrology birth chart is a map of your entry into this world. It speaks of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for this lifetime. The position of the planets when you were born, can tell of your past experiences and reveal your soul gifts. An Intuitive Astrology Reading can help you identify patterns that have set the course of your life. Together we will explore messages about what your soul would like to express, and overcome, as well as indications of how to do it.

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Unveiling The Mysteries Of You

The Intuitive Astrology Reading is a 2-hour personal consultation, offering a comprehensive look at your Astrology Chart. We will start by looking at your chart from an overall view and then get into specifics about planetary placements and their relationships with each other. We will look at the birth chart in reference to past lives, uncovering soul gifts, and messages that can support your current aspirations. Finally, we will look at your current Astrological transits, and examine how the planets may be affecting you in the upcoming year ahead.

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What You Came Here To Do

An Intuitive Astrology Reading can help you get a sense of who you really are, and what you came here to do. Many SuperNova Souls know they have come here for a specific purpose, and yet have difficulty understanding what that might be. An Intuitive Astrology Reading can help you become more aware of your soul gifts. SuperNova Souls often have a very diverse set of skills, making it difficult to find a traditional job that supports their full expression. An Intuitive Astrology Reading can help you to identify how you might be able to package your gifts as an offering for the world, inviting financial abundance.

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Intuitive Astrology Reading Are Unavailable At This Time

Thank you so much for being here!

Adrienne Elise is currently booked up through 2020. Adrienne is suspending the offering of Individual Sessions for the early part of 2021. Adrienne is excited to do more group work with the SuperNova Soul Tribe, as well as develop downloadable courses to support SuperNova Souls. Adrienne will resume offering Individual Sessions in April 2020. Booking for 2021 Sessions will be available in January.

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Intuitive Astrology Readings

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Full Expression

SuperNova Souls came here for nothing short of full expression, yet many haven’t been able to fully uncover their soul gifts, making it difficult to bring them forward. An Intuitive Astrology Reading can help you bring forward your talents and skills, and support you in moving forward on your true path.

What Is In The Way

Examining what you may have experienced in past lives, can help you understand and remove blocks. Past life, societal, and ancestral programming, can keep our gifts hidden, even from our self. An Intuitive Astrology Reading can help you clarify what is in the way and support you in living the life you were meant to live.

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Who You Really Are

In each new lifetime or incarnation, we have a new and different personality complex. Who we were in past lives, as far as roles, identities, and labels, we do not take with us into the next life. What we do take with us, is talents, abilities, and soul qualities. It can take a good part of a lifetime to uncover these gifts. An Intuitive Astrology Reading is a great tool to accelerate this process and set you on your way towards expressing your full potential.

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Complete Soul Healing

A great compliment to an Intuitive Astrology reading is an Intuitive Healing Session. Intuitive Astrology Readings can bring to the surface records and contracts from past lives that could be holding you back. This allows deep, effective past life work to happen in an Intuitive Healing Session. In combination, an Intuitive Astrology Reading and an Intuitive Healing Session can offer complete soul healing. An Intuitive Astrology Reading, followed by an Intuitive Healing Session, can have a powerful effect, setting you on your path, and supporting you for months and years to come. It is recommended to leave at least one to two months between sessions to allow for full assimilation.

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A Message From Adrienne Elise…

“Although I started studying Astrology early in life, I ended up distancing myself from birth chart interpretation as I saw how people often became ‘pigeon-holed’ in categories and generalizations. It’s easy for people to become overly identified with cut and dry interpretations of the position of their planets, which could make them feel ‘fated’ to be a certain way. I saw how traditional Astrology seemed to hold people back, instead of support soul growth.

I renewed my study of astrology in an effort to understand the energy of the times leading up to 2012. As I more closely followed the path and interaction of the planets, I became fascinated with how the astrological dance resonated with the world around me. I was amazed to see how the planets seemed to be telling a story, painting a picture, and giving us important messages about how to work with what was to come.

As an Intuitive Healer and Teacher, and Classical Homeopath, I found myself explaining to clients and students what the planets were doing, and the messages of the times. It seemed helpful in the path of the spiritual seeker. This is how the Gaia Updates and YouTube channel came to be. Still, I resisted working with Astrology charts because of the trap of generalization and labeling. It seems a pitfall of Astrology when we hold onto an identity, image, or fixed idea of who we are. When the planets and stars, our whole solar system and galaxy, are always moving. Astrology should be about expansion and possibility, a tool for us to grow.

It all came together for me in studying the readings of Edgar Cayce when I came across the very reading he gave on the subject of Astrology…

‘The solar system is a cycle of experiences for the soul…There is something wrong with our notion of Astrology. It does not affect us as we think it does. We leave out a factor that is very important…Reincarnation…Nothing you have ever learned is lost to the subconscious. What you learned as wisdom (in past lives) is always available within you.’

As an already experienced past-life reader, looking at the birth chart in the eyes of reincarnation, made it all make sense. I began to see Astrology with a whole new understanding. I really enjoy helping people explore the meanings of the positions of the planets in their chart. Hidden in the birth chart, are indications about past lives which can shed great light on the current incarnation.

More and more, I could see how souls choose exactly the configuration they are born under, and how these planetary placements carry important messages. The birth chart can tell us about soul talents and skills that have been developed over lifetimes, as well as what might be blocking those gifts from full expression.

The more I worked with the birth chart, the more I felt the messages of the planets come through in a unique way for each individual. Most traditional astrology takes the birth chart and cuts it into pieces. But the birth chart is a complete story that one part, by itself, cannot tell.

True chart interpretation seems to happen when the interrelated messages of the planets come into a whole. There is a story there that is fascinating, and uniquely individual. At some point, all the pieces come together, and the ‘map’ of the individual jumps off of the page. It is an exciting journey of exploration that I can’t wait to share with you.”

What People Are Saying About Intuitive Astrology Reading Sessions

“I am so glad I’ve booked this astrology reading session with you! I’ve really enjoyed speaking with you as well as your approach to reading the chart. It has been a powerful and beautiful experience.”


“Thank you so much for your generous gift of time today to speak about my chart and path. Your words feel supportive and caring, which is lovely to experience. And I appreciate SO much the care, consideration, and expertise that you bring to your readings. Enlightening and empowering.”


“I loved!!! my time with you. What a gift you are!!! I got so much from my reading today. Mostly confirmation! Truth recognizes truth.”


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