Goddess Activation – Divine Feminine

What does it mean to invite the Goddess into our lives? For far too long, planetary energies have been out of balance, the divine feminine cast aside. But now, the time is ripe, astrologically and cosmically, for a Goddess Awakening. This class series is about learning how to better access this juicy, creative, compassionate energy in your life. When you invite this energy into your life, you are also assisting in bringing this Goddess back to the planet.

Goddess Activation 8-Pillar Class Series

Create the Juicy Life you Desire!!!

Build your own Goddess Temple! Journey through the 8-Pillar System to activate the chakras in accordance with full access to juicy feminine energy. This energy is used to create beings and worlds! A connection to this energy lies dormant in all of us, we need only remember its there, find permission through clearing conditioning and blocks, and learn tools and skills to access it. The 8-Pillar System uses the Goddess archetypes to help more deeply understand the feminine creative energy, bringing joy, wholeness and balance to your life.roots goddess

Goddess Activation Pillar I – $20

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In this Pillar, we will be working with Gaia, Goddess Mother Earth, to activate, heal and harmonize the root chakra. Gaia shows us how we are a part of a unity. Through her we can connect to the wisdom of all, that is as manifest as this magical, physical world. We will begin to learn about this feminine Goddess energy and invite it into our lives through feeling safe and grounded here on planet Earth.  venusrossetti

Goddess Activation Pillar II – $20

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In Goddess Activation Pillar II we will work with Aphrodite, goddess of sensuality, sexuality and magnetism to activate and explore the sacral chakra. We will begin to delve into the mysteries of the creative energy lying dormant in our energetic sexual organs.

artemisGoddess Activation Pillar III – $20

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In this Pillar we will work with Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, to help us to activate and calibrate the third chakra of personal power. Examine where you have given your power away, and learn from Artemis how to take it back. quan yin

Goddess Activation Pillar IV – $20

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 In this Pillar we will work with Quan Yin, Goddess of compassion, to help open and activate our heart chakra. The heart is the center of our true intelligence and the key to an Activated life. Receive the blessings of the divine feminine help you heal and reset this most important chakra.brigid

Goddess Activation Pillar V – $20 

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In this Pillar, we will work with Goddess Brigid to activate and heal the issues of the throat chakra. It is one thing to ‘own’ your power, it is another thing to express it in this world. Let Brigid help you empower your expression of creative, Goddess energy!hecate

Goddess Activation Pillar VI – $20

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 In this Pillar, we will work with Hecate and Athena for integration of the left and right brain. Goddess Hecate helps us to re-birth ourselves into our higher knowing. Examine blocks around your intuition and activate the higher chakras. Begin to integrate the lower chakras with the higher, allowing for complete integration of the energetic field.isis

Goddess Activation Pillar VII – $20

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For Pillar VII, we will activate the crown chakra with the help of Isis, the original Goddess. Receive your initiation into the Isis mysteries of spiritual awakening. Integrate all of the chakras and invite the activation of the light body. green tara

Goddess Activation Pillar VIII – $20

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Tara, Goddess of perfect wisdom, along with Sophia, the divine counterpart of creator, help us to integrate the work of the chakras and activate the energetic field. This Pillar completes the series and the energetic temple to host the Goddess energy in your life. Awaken to the garden within.

Get a glimpse into the world of Goddess Activation!! Introductory Class

rebirth of humanityWhat does it look like to activate the Goddess in your life? Do you want to live a juicy, fulfilled existence? Goddess energy gives you full permission to access the amazing creative power. Programming and belief systems keep us from this miracle energy that lies dormant inside each of us. Follow the 8-Pillar system to build your own Goddess Temple in your energy field! Invite the juicy feminine energy to flow into your world by creating safe space for creativity to flourish. Clearing blocks, activating chakras, and opening energy channels allows you to uncover your own unique creative gifts that the world is waiting for. Invite the Goddess to return to your inner temple! Live your most amazing life!


Courting the Goddess requires a new understanding of the Divine Masculine and how to live in a balanced way from the heart. We will explore and activate the creative principle on all levels, coming into communication with the potent power of the miracle, energetic organs of reproduction.

This unleashes creative energies available for projects and expression, as well as balanced thinking in the brain. This invites heart centered cosmic consciousness and alignment to source, as well as increased confidence in the intuitive nature. Find and release the power of creation energy lying dormant within!for readings page

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher living in Missoula, Montana. Adrienne is a Classical Homeopath and Waldorf-Trained Teacher. Adrienne is passionate about assisting people on the path of Awakening and believes that everyone deserves support in creating a harmonized spiritual growth process. Contact her directly for questions about ‘Goddess Activation 8-Pillar Class Series’ or to schedule your individual Intuitive Healing Session at adrienne@adrienneelise.com