With three planets and the North Node in Gemini, this New Moon is an initiation into our next chapter. Venus, now retrograde, will be spending four months in the sign of Gemini, trying to help us orient to this new North Node placement. This New Moon is giving us a powerful glimpse into what this next phase is all about.

This New Moon happens early in Gemini, at 2 degrees, an apt placement for the ‘twins’. Gemini is about the play of duality and opposites, as a way to try to get back to center. This puts the Sun and the Moon in a sweet trine with Saturn, still at 1 degree Aquarius. We are building something completely new, and we are going to get there, it is just going to take some serious patience and a complete rearranging of our reality.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is hanging out with Venus for her second of three exact squares with watery Neptune. In order for the new to come in, generally there is a period where everything is wrong and nothing makes sense. And here we are. We need to keep in mind that this confusion is exactly what is required to bring it all back into ‘right’.

This Venus retrograde is reflecting how our world has been turned upside down. It doesn’t look like we can get out of this Venus retrograde season without a huge shift in our perception and understanding, and we are just getting started. Amidst all of the confusion and rearranging, we are being asked to stay open to the magic and miracles trying to come in. We are waking up from the nightmare of the distortions of the Piscean Age, and Re-Claiming the Dream.