This is a powerful Full Moon in Gemini, making an air trine with first Mars, and then Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter, our big expansion planet, is fully triggering the Pluto-Uranus Square of the last few years of astrology. All this air energy and an approaching Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is asking us how we change our understanding and beliefs in order to change our world? We are moving into new energy in 2017, much that has to do with the current Jupiter-Uranus opposition. We want to expand our relationships, harmony and understanding, but how do we do that according to the identity revolution within?

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Gemini, ruled by analyzer Mercury, is helping us to understand our life and what has happened in our internal structures of this last year of 2016. Mercury comes very close to Pluto the dissolver in Capricorn as it turns retrograde on the 19th, but we are already feeling the shadow of this second Mercury retrograde cycle in Capricorn of this year. This retrograde cycle is an opportunity to re-hash and sift through 2016, and prepare for the dynamic, innovative energies of 2017. Take advantage of this Full Moon of insight to the belief structures within and set your course for a deeply satisfying year ahead.

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