Mars and Venus are squaring off in the stubborn, fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius leading up to this Full Moon. With a full month of Jupiter in square to Black Moon Lilith, we have been opening the door in order to shine the light into the darkest corners of our reality. Now this Virgo Full Moon is going to help us clean it up.

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With Black Moon Lilith, Mars and Uranus in Taurus, what we have found in the darkest recesses of the psyche, can be summed up with one word, ‘shame’. We can’t take it with us into the Aquarian Age. Mercury, now direct in Aquarius, is saying that it is time to move into the energy of the New Age.

Lightworkers, SuperNova Souls, throughout time, and especially this past Age of Pisces, have been attacked and persecuted because of their commitment to justice, light and truth. These sensitive souls took on a dark energy projection, blaming themselves for all the darkness. With Neptune separating from it’s square with the Nodes of the Moon, it’s time to end the long dark movie of the Pisean Age and release any remaining shackles of shame programming.

This Full Moon will square up with Mars and cross over Venus just before it’s full. Duality consciousness and humanity’s programmed self hatred is the culprit of all distortions. This inner divide has allowed us to be conquered. But the Virgin is here, and a Great Redemption has begun, as we excavate our permission for our light and sovereignty from out of the rubble of the past Age of deception.