This Full Moon happens right next to Uranus in Taurus. Ruler of Aquarius, Uranus is a planet of unexpected and radical change. In Taurus, this is speaking to issues of self-worth and value. Do you deserve the New Age?

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With the Sun opposite of Uranus leading up to this Full Moon, energy is building for a revolution in our sense of self. SuperNova Souls have been programmed with low self-worth through traumatic past life experiences. This leads most SNSs to operate at a very small percentage of their potential, yet sensing a bigger spiritual mission, and longing for a life of greater purpose.

This Full Moon is saying that now is a good time to sprout your starseed self and go ‘SuperNova’ into your greater potential. Use the power of desire, activated by this Scorpio Sun, to push you through to the other side, into higher frequencies, and catapult you into the New Age. You are here to lead the way. It is time to find permission within your self to start living the glorious life that awaits you. A life much more true to who you really are.