I hope you can join me for a Live Activation for this Scorpio New Moon, Saturday, November 14, 10am US Mountain Time. $10. Sign up here! 

It is mind-boggling, how much is happening astrologically around this New Moon. We are standing at the edge of an epic turnaround for 2020, year of the boomerang. With most of the year steeped in the confusion of retrograde energies and big transformational shifts, its been hard to know if we are coming or going.

But this is about to change, and all around the time of this Scorpio New Moon. We have been waiting centuries for the tables to turn in our favor, and the Astrology is saying, it is finally time. This New Moon comes just on the heels of the third and final Jupiter conjunct Pluto of 2020. Time to take a bulldozer of light to the lower matrix.

New Moon happens in an exact sextile to Jupiter and Pluto, a blessing of creative opportunity. This is an extremely volatile and yet dynamic time, sure to bring unexpected twists and turns.

Just before this New Moon, Mercury, now direct and back in Scorpio, is in opposition with Black Moon Lilith, extracting out the darkest secrets from the shadows. Not pretty to look at, but we all feel better after a purge. We can’t keep hiding from the darkest dark, if we ever want to move into the light of the New Age.

Venus is in an opposition with Mars leading up to this New Moon. This is bringing up the play of opposites, and an opportunity for us to see beyond the socially manufactured social divides. Venus in Libra will be coming into square with Jupiter and Pluto for this New Moon. It is time claim back what it rightfully ours and for Lady Justice to rise again.

Mars finally turns direct, just before this New Moon. Mars in his home sign of Aries has been on an inner journey, reworking our relationship to the masculine. Mars turning direct is about empowering the spiritual warrior to get off of the battlefield and into the ecstatic, true power of the I AM presence of God consciousness, aware of itself in a physical body. Awaken spiritual warriors! The time is now!