The Sun and Moon are in a cardinal T-Square with Mars, and Jupiter and Pluto, and not too far from Saturn. All the players are playing. Cardinal signs are about starting something New. This Libra New Moon is the start of a new cycle. It’s about time for a world that is more balanced, fair and just.

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Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is saying that what has been dark and hidden, must come to light. This New Moon happens close to the degree of Libra that Mercury will retrograde back to, before turning direct. In order to have justice and harmony, we must also have truth and transparency. With Mercury and Mars both retrograde, the energies are building, but nothing is happening. It is a great time to come into the present moment of the glorious eternal NOW, to just BE outside of time, the only time we really have.

Venus is in a sweet trine with Jupiter, saying it is time for humanity to cleanse, heal, and expand into a rebirth. Let’s pause for a moment and claim our inner harmony. We are turning the corner into a new world.