I hope you can join me for a Libra Full Moon Activation, Sunday, Mar. 28th, 12 Noon US Mountain Time. $10. Sign up here!

We are entering a dynamic and activating time Astrologically, as the Sun and Venus come less than 1 degree apart for this Equinox. It is a triumphant return of the divine feminine creation energies to Earth, as the Sun and Venus cross over the Aries point together, staying close for almost three weeks.

Energies and possibilities are expanding and increasing as Jupiter comes into a semi-sextile with Neptune at 21 degrees, on the 21st. 2+1=3, which represents creation of something more than the parts. Happening on March 21st, the message is 1-2-3, it’s GO time on our permission to create a new and better reality. All this Pisces and Aries energy speak to creating life, anew, in each moment.

Mars in Gemini is in a sweet trine with Saturn in Aquarius, pushing us to take the leap into the unknown future. Mars is coming up on the North Node of the Moon, and will Square Mercury in Pisces. This is telling us that we must release the muzzle that has held back the juicy feminine magic power for too long. It is time to stand up and speak our truth. It is time to celebrate the return of the Shakti energy, and claim our world, our way, in each magical moment.