Mars and Black Moon Lilith are in square to Pluto in Capricorn for this New Moon. All structures of our lives that our built on shadowy lies and half-truths, have got to go. No more pretending.

Venus in Cancer in square to Chiron is bringing up grief from where we lived somebody else’s story and lost who we are. We have all done it, especially the SuperNova Soul. Pretending you were something different than who you are, may have been the only thing that kept you alive on the planet for lifetimes.

Now with the Nodes interacting with the Galactic Center, it’s time to drop all of the old stories and align with your greater destiny. The only way is forward. You are the source of the light you have been looking for. Get on that beam of light and ride it all the way home to your true self and path of destiny.

I hope you can join me for a Live Activation for this Leo New Moon, Tuesday, August 18th 7pm Mountain Time. $10. Sign up here!