I hope you can join me for a Live Activation for this Leo Full Moon. Thursday, January 28th, 11am MST. $10. Sign up here!

Hey, are we going to do this ‘Aquarian Age’ thing, or have we been sold down the river? Because this world is looking pretty dark. The more you know, and the more conscious and awake you are right now, the more sick to your stomach you are becoming. Are we heading somewhere, or should we just dig in and put our heads in the sand? It’s hard being awake right now.

The energies are heavy and dense, making us sensitive souls question this existence. But really, what we are witnessing is the die-off of the parasitic control grid. The process is ugly, but we are all going to feel a lot better once we get through this cleansing of the dark. Don’t give up hope!

In these strange times, it is important to remember ‘we are watching a movie’. It is difficult when is seems that dark forces are relentlessly attacking the light, and pulling humanity deeper into the swamp. They are trying to take us all down with their own self-destruction. It’s a good time to take a step back and try to keep in mind the bigger picture of what is really going on. This is a spiritual awakening.

With Neptune in Pisces in exact square to the Nodes of the Moon, it is peak movie season. Nothing as it seems. In fact, this great delusion is offering us a way out of the trap of this lower matrix. Pay very close attention to your role in the movie, which is to be the blank screen. Continue to exercise your sovereignty, by bringing your attention back, again and again, to your light of truth, which is way more true than what is playing out.

The control matrix is losing power, and they are doing everything they can continue to suck your energy, through your attention. It’s a high drama action film, and it is hard to ignore. This ‘movie’ is serving to show us how our energy and attention have been being farmed, and then sold back to us, for a price. It feels like we are innocent sheep being sent to slaughter as this bloom of darkness on the planet tries to beat us down and suck us dry one last time.

But this Leo Full Moon is saying that now it is our time to shine, and empower the light to win again on planet Earth. This Full Moon happens across from the Greater Conjunction, the Sun transiting between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Who are we in this New Age? Perhaps that needs to get settled before we can go any further.

In square to Uranus, Mars and Black Moon Lilith, we need to clean up our act and stand up in our God power. SuperNova Souls have all taken on a false program of mis-placed shame. With these planets in Taurus, it is a revolution of true wealth. The truth is that you are abundant with spiritual light. The misplaced shame programming only validates your strength and power, which has been your problem all along. Why else would you have been so attacked for lifetimes? You, awake, is the greatest threat to the false matrix.

This Full Moon is delivering back to us the power we have always had. We allowed ourselves to be convinced that our own power, wasn’t ours to have. This cannot continue! SuperNova Souls are saying, enough is enough!

SuperNova Souls, are more and more, each day, taking back their power from the lower matrix. It’s time to turn up the volume and celebrate who we are together! The light is real, and growing ,and we have A LOT of it!!! Lets bring our energy together in full permission to sprout into our full potential. Let the light shine in!