This Full Moon happens at 0 degrees Gemini, just as the Sun enters Sagittarius. It is time for a fresh start. So much is shifting. Jupiter has returned home to Sagittarius, and the Nodes of the Moon are settled into Cancer/Capricorn.

On Friday the 16th, Venus turned Direct, just as Mercury began a retrograde.Mercury is helping us make sense of this 2018, year of adjustment, and retrograde season. Mercury, in square with Neptune as it turned retrograde, will continue on to a powerful, inspiring conjunction with the Sun and Jupiter on the 27th. We are sorting through the rubble of the Venus retrograde and trying to wade through the confusion, so we can make sense of what is really going on.

Mars is in Pisces, finishing up a square with Jupiter. It’s time to rise above the painful stories of the past and find a new zest for life. It is a great time to meditate, dream, and vision the new year and new chapter that lies ahead.