I hope you can join me for an Equinox Soul Group Session, a group Intuitive Session for this September Equinox. Monday, September 21st, 7pm MDT. $20. Sign up here!

This Equinox marks the beginning of the next potent chapter of 2020. Mercury in Libra is in square to Pluto and Saturn, trying to keep some sort of equilibrium through these dynamic changes.

The day after the Equinox, Mercury moves into retrograde shadow, just as it exactly squares up with Saturn in Capricorn. For the SuperNova Souls, this is bringing up all of the times in past lives that you chose peace over what was right, in order to stay alive. Mercury will square back up with Saturn for a full week as it turns direct in the first week of November.

This is the dilemma of Mars retrograde. How do you fight for your life force, and take your full power back, without getting pulled into the drama where you end up feeding the monster? The answer has to do with claiming our own autonomous peace.

Saturn represents where we have given our power away by making contracts with authority outside of ourselves. It’s time to take our power back. We are being shown the power of our consciousness. It’s time to head to the hills and go into the cave to pray. Our fight is about validating and living, in a real way, the higher paradigm realities. You cannot take anyone with you. But if you let your self go, there you will find your people, your soul tribe.