This is our second New Moon in Cancer in 2020, the first one being a Solar Eclipse. This New Moon happens at 28 degrees Cancer, exactly opposite of Saturn in Capricorn.

With all this Cancer energy, all eyes have been on ‘The Mother’ and receiving. But Saturn is bringing our attention back to our relationship with ‘The Father’, and issues that may be in the way.

For so long, humans have been programed with a false delusion of separation. This makes ‘God’ something out side of our self, and a punishing or rewarding figure. But that is a lie. We are not separate, and our ‘God’ is compassionate, a most loving God. It is time to re-write the stories of the past. Our right relationship with ‘The Father’ allows us to step back into the arms of ‘The Mother’.

I hope you can join me for a Cancer New Moon Activation, Monday, July 20th, 11am US Mountain Time. $10. Sign up here!

Gaia Update: Cancer New Moon #2 Video