This Aries Full Moon is an explosion of life force. Everything inside that has not been expressed, is coming into light. The time is now to take back our access to our true, raw power, in order to use it in the co-creation of New Earth.

Mars retrograde has been holding back. We are adjusting everything, in order to be able to move into the New Age. This Full Moon is bringing it all to the surface.

Mars in square to Saturn is bringing up tension around how to move forward. Saturn has just turned direct, and will be heading into Aquarius, with Jupiter at the end of the year. But first we must plod through the end degrees of Capricorn for the third time. Are you ready to be free of everywhere you gave away your power throughout time? Now is your opportunity.

This Full Moon will be close to Chiron, bringing up wounds around where we have not been true to who we really are. Mercury in Scorpio wants to get real with it all. SuperNova Soul, the time of hiding your light and playing small is now over. It is time to step into your true power.