It’s an Aquarius ReVolution with five planets and the Moon in Aquarius. Jupiter conjunct Venus speaking to the empowerment of the Goddess as important in catapulting us into the New. Jupiter and Venus, and Mercury backing up to them, are in square to Black Moon Lilith for this New Moon.

The sacred feminine healing power in all of us is getting cleansed, healed and empowered. In Taurus, Black Moon Lilith speaks to programming of deep shame that has been instilled in the feminine in all of us. Especially in the past Piscean Age, the light, the healing, and soothing energies were seen as a threat to the religious and political establishment. These frequencies of the exalted feminine were demonized, attacked and rejected.

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But now, we are entering a time on Earth where great healing is necessary. There is a potent power that often lies latent in the SuperNova Soul, but now is the time for that power to be unleashed on the world. Because, finally, humanity is getting ready to be able to receive the healing balm. And SuperNova Souls are ready to once again receive the support they need to thrive and express their precious spiritual gifts. Get ready for the release of the Divine Feminine Healing Kraken.