This Full Moon happens on the heels of a potent Retrograde/Eclipse season, just after Venus and Mercury exit their retrograde shadow. In Aquarius, this Full Moon is asking us to keep in mind that we are in a Shift of Ages. This Full Moon is happens in square to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. We are being asked to keep perspective, that we are trying to move into the Aquarian Age. It makes sense that things could get intense.

That would exactly describe the energy of this Full Moon with Mars in exact square to Jupiter. Mars is impatient, and wants to get going on the New. In a tense square with Jupiter, we are looking at what needs to change in order to GO. With Mars now in retrograde shadow, frustration about how to move forward will flavor the rest of 2020. We are trying to find our way into the Aquarian Age.

Jupiter in exact sextile to Neptune leads us into this Full Moon, inviting us to dream new dreams, and most importantly, be ready to start living those dreams, for real.

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