We are stuck between dramatic change into the new, and the same-same, old stuck patterns. There is a shift of energy with Mercury having moved into the sign of Libra, and Venus moving into Leo. It is time bring the planet back into balance as the exalted feminine in all of us claims back her place in the light.

But the patriarchal control energies won’t let go. Pluto and Saturn are only a few degrees apart in Capricorn for September and October, bringing all of these issues to the foreground. Pluto brings pressure to change and break down structures that are no longer serving, and Saturn, at home in Capricorn, is speaking to the old guard which refuses to change. Individually, we are seeing a bloom of the most painful past life experiences. But maybe this is our opportunity to be free of it, for good.

The Sun is coming into an opposition with Neptune in Pisces, bringing up all of the delusions of false self. It is a perfect alchemy with the Capricorn energies, bringing up a karmic inventory of beliefs and constructs from past lives. This is an opportunity to release all old personality constructs that no longer fit who we really are.

Time to take off the straight-jacket of the past, and begin to live the future you are here to live. SNSs are here to vibrate at a new and higher frequency, and be the living representation that something else is possible. But first that must be true for you.