Tension is building with Mars in exact square with Saturn, just as Saturn turns direct. Mars wants to go, but, in retrograde, is second guessing himself. Saturn is bringing up blocks and obstacles, but is also changing direction. 2020 culminates with the triumphant move of Jupiter and Saturn, together, into the sign of Aquarius in December. This Mars retrograde is helping us prepare, and be ready, to move into the New Age.

Mercury has just moved into Scorpio, saying it’s about to get real. It’s time to come out from under the delusions and lies. With the Sun opposite Chiron, SuperNova Souls are being faced with having to find their place in this new world. So much that we have planned and visioned in our life, was based on old paradigm structures. This Mars retrograde is an opportunity for the SNS to redirect their life and calibrate their energy, so they are ready to shoot off in new directions of their true path. But first they must come to know their true self, and face where they have been living lies.

Jupiter in sextile to Neptune is a beautiful backdrop, inviting us to keep our eye on the prize of a better, more harmonious world. It is there, just beyond the fog of delusion. And your job is to hold that vibration in your heart, despite the chaos we are being shown.

This week’s Full Moon in Aries is bringing it all to a head, an explosion of wherever we have been pretending to be something different than who we really are. But do you know who you are? Can you fathom the immensity of the power you have within? It’s all coming up to the surface, everything that must be resolved in our personal life, that must shift in order for us to take our place in the Great Awakening.

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