We are up against the wall with Mars in exact square to Saturn. These are our two main action planets going head to head, each in their home signs. Mars retrograde is telling us that we cannot continue to move forward in the old way. We are feeling pressured by the restrictions and limitations of life, and something has got to give.

We are starting to feel the Sun coming into opposition with Chiron. The wounds of Chiron in Aries are about where we haven’t been able to exist as who we really are. The Sun in Libra opposite Chiron is asking us, ‘who do you think you are, anyway?’

For the SuperNova Soul, you are finally feeling the shifting and beginning to understand your role in the awakening. For these next few weeks, Jupiter will be in sextile to Neptune, for the third and final time. This is your chance to step up onto the lightship, and commit more fully to being a conscious participant in the co-creation of New Earth. It’s time to more deliberately hold that frequency vibration in your heart.