I hope you can join me for an Equinox Soul Group Session, a group Intuitive Session, Monday, Sept. 21, 7pm US Mountain Time. $20. Sign up here!

We are embarking on a potent next chapter, for the next 8 weeks, as we celebrate the September Equinox. Mercury is in square to Pluto, and coming into square with Saturn, just as it enters it’s retrograde shadow.

Mercury represents our mind and conceptual thinking. And, like the rest of us, is scratching his head, trying to figure out what is going on. We are between Ages, suspended in time. Mercury and Mars are our main action planets, and when both of them are retrograde, it can feel like we are being stopped in our tracks.

Maybe that is because we were walking the wrong path. For the SuperNova Soul, this is about stepping into your greater destiny, and incarnating your larger self. We are in a huge, dynamic time of shifting into a completely different reality. All must be re-evaluated.