Mercury in Libra is in square to Jupiter and in the next few days will move into square with Pluto, and then Saturn. Our thinking is getting challenged by current structures and authority. We are trying to keep the peace in our lives, but the world has gone off the rails.

Mercury in Libra wants harmony and balance, but humanity’s efforts to keep a balance have meant giving the control of their mind over to authoritarian agendas. With current world situations, these control energies are right in our face, but still, many refuse to see.

These transits are speaking to a harmonized transition into higher energies, but at some point the spell of delusion has to break. We have all silenced our truth many times in order to keep the peace. But the true harmony we are looking for is spiritual connection and higher, freer frequencies.

Mercury moves into retrograde shadow on the Equinox, when it will be in exact square with Saturn. Mercury will be challenging our complacency, as it moves over the last five degrees of Libra, and the first part of Scorpio three times during it’s retrograde which starts on October 13th. Mercury will end it’s retrograde with a triumphant week long square with Saturn as it turns direct at the beginning of November. The only way to true peace and harmony is to face the truth and free the mind.