With Jupiter now direct, we are feeling an acceleration of activation energies. But we are also feeling the pushback of control energies and contracts, with Mars retrograde heading back into square with the Capricorn planets. This whole Earth story has been about being held back in our spiritual evolution. And now it is time to move forward again in our ascension, if we can allow ourselves to go.

SuperNova Souls are finding themselves, on the one hand, moving into lighter energies, and on the other hand, in resistance and facing fears of progress and freedom. Are you safe outside of your spiritual quarantine?

Venus is in square to Uranus, and in trine to Chiron. These transits are speaking to the dance of advancement, into our empowerment, and then holding ourselves back and getting stuck in the same old patterns.

The New Moon in Virgo on Thursday is offering us a fresh start and an opportunity for the feminine in all of us to step out of secrecy and shame, and back into the pure light of truth. She has been silenced for far too long. It is time for all of the sublime secrets of the divine feminine to come back out, into the light of day.

I hope you can join me for a Live Activation for the Virgo New Moon, Wednesday, Sept. 16th, 5pm US Mountain Time. $10. Sign up here!