Mars is in exact square to Pluto, pushing against the edges of reality. The world we are being shown is dark and scary, but just beyond the false constructs of the lower matrix, lies Glorious light.

SuperNova Souls, it is your job to reach up and grab a hold of this higher, more true, better feeling reality. There is nothing and no one to wait for. It is time to allow yourself to step over into a whole new reality.

Mercury continues to oppose Uranus. Because of Mercury turning retrograde on the 13th, we will continue to feel this transit through the third week of October. We are facing everywhere that we might not feel worthy or deserving of this new reality.

Venus is coming into an exact trine with Uranus, harmonizing and stabilizing these potent shifts. Our world looks solid, but it is actually just energy, and can adjust accordingly. What has to break down, is only what is false: False personality constructs, false time constructs, and false reality lower matrix constructs.

The Sun in Libra is making a square with Jupiter, bringing a breakdown of false ego constructs, and inviting in a connection to the True God Self. The Sun will go on to oppose Mars retrograde and square up with Pluto next week. It is time to let the old you, your old world and time traps of past pain and trauma, fall away. Go ahead and take the leap into something more Glorious.